Kimberly Graham Got What She Deserved

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TULSA, OK On Nov 12th, 2007 a woman had a motorcycle accident outside of Backyard Bar. Four people who witnessed the crash ran out to assist her. It is at that point that a drunken Kimberly Graham plowed into the group in her Dodge Ram Pickup, killing ever single one of them. She then did the noble thing and fled the scene leaving them strewn down Memorial Drive to die. She was later arrested after turning herself in and charged with five counts of first-degree manslaughter. On March 12th of this year, jurors convicted Kimberly Graham on all five counts plus one count of leaving the scene of an accident. Yesterday, Judge Thornbrugh sentenced her to 107 years in prison. 20 years for each victim and 7 years for leaving the scene.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicDeAnna and Ronny Coatney, Casey Jones, Anita Foote, and Shannon Lacey all died that night because of drunk-driving moron. Most of you know my thoughts on people who kill others while driving drunk (I think they should get murder charges), I am still glad that the jurors agreed with prosecutors on this and that obviously, so did the judge.

Graham’s attorney’s tried to say it wasn’t her fault because all of the victims were crouched low in the dark street, but that contradicted police officer Jason Willingham who said, “This section of road is a decent lit piece of road, short of putting a fire truck out there, I don’t know what else you could do.” Graham even admitted to police that she was drunk and that is why she left the scene, telling officers she had one mixed drink, two shots, and six beers that night. But when she took the stand during the trial (which is never a good thing in cases like this) she told jurors that she was not drunk and had overestimated the amount she drank that night. Right.

She also never apologized or address the victim’s families even though she was given two chances to do so. But who gives a fuck. Let her pay for her mistake and hopefully she will have enough time to think about the damage she has done – including to her own friends and family – while spending the rest of her life in a cell. Hopefully cases like this can get some of you dumb fucks to think twice before endangering my life when you get on the road after drinking. Most of you suck at driving anyway (yeah, you too), the last thing you need is alcohol.


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