Randall Giesbers Is A Dirty Perv

August 13, 2009 at 12:18 pm by  

Salem, OR – To know that one of your neighbors has secretly been pawing around in your frillies is unsettling. To know that one of your creepy neighbors has actually been wearing your frillies is nauseating. To actually witness one of your creepy neighbors standing in your garage while wearing your frillies, that is puke inducing. Please meet Randall Giesbers. Handsome lookin’ fella, ain’t he? Randall loves the ladies frillies – they make him feel all schmexy and stuff. He was more or less busted in the act Monday evening. Not only busted breaking into someone’s home, but he was also found to be wearing the victims girly underthings. Gross. That, however, was just the tip of the skeevy iceberg.

Randall Geisbers

Randall Geisbers

The woman had long suspected that someone had been entering her home and removing her underwear from her laundry in the garage. Monday night, she and her boyfriend discovered the pervy burglar hanging out in their garage, clad in nothing but a couple of camisoles and ladies panties. The boyfriend, probably skeeved out to no end, tackled the dirty perv and detained him until police arrived. The lady of the house identified the clothing Randall was wearing as hers. Upon inspection of his home, cops found as many as seven full garbage bags containing ladies underwear, shoes, and other personal items. The victim in this particular case identified two of those garbage bags as belonging to her. Damn. Those frillies and stuff aren’t exactly cheap –  to have to replace a couple garbage bag’s worth must have gotten a bit costly. I hope her boyfriend kneed him in the ball sack a few times just for shits and giggles.

Police also discovered illegal fireworks in Randall’s home – so, the 47-year-old now faces 10 counts of burglary, 10 counts of criminal trespass, and 42 counts of being in possession of illegal fireworks. While being booked into jail, it was discovered that Randall was into the layered look – underneath the frillies he was wearing – even more frillies.


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