Some Men Can Mess Up A Good Thing

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Kansas City, Missouri Wouldn’t you think, if you’re going to get your friends together for a little mob robbery action, you’d want to nail your plan down? You know, make sure everyone is on the same page, knows what the different roles are, who’s doing what and shit. Right? It sounds easy enough. That stuff can be ironed out over a nice cup of coffee as seen in “Pulp Fiction” – sitting in the diner chit chatting, getting all pumped up. Well, if this group of two women and two men had their shit together, they would have had some money in their pockets from the stealing and the women wouldn’t have really been out a free blow job.

Dawn Clark and Krystal Meyers

Dawn Clark and Krystal Meyers

The master plan was for these two lovely ladies to lure a couple of horny guys with a little blowjob action in exchange for cash/drugs. The two male partners would sneak up behind them, as they were being heavenly distracted, put a gun to their heads and rob them. Brilliant. Except I am not sure Anthony Williams and Larry Shores (26) really understood their parts very well. It’s real simple boys. Listen carefully. The girls get the men to the alley. You hide. The girls kneel down to start the pleasuring. You sneak up with a gun to the guy’s heads, demand money. Make it quick. The women are in a hurry. Simple.

The way it actually went down was this, the two victims follow the ladies into the alley for their blowjob, the two dumbasses come out of hiding, start shooting the two guys, the gang splits! Blowjobs given. No robbery. No money. No drugs. Two dudes shot and wounded in the alley. What’s the point?

The police charged Williams and Shores with two counts of first-degree assault, two counts of armed criminal action and two counts of first-degree attempted robbery. Krystal Myers (20) and Dawn Clark have been charged with two counts of first-degree robbery.


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