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Worcester, MA – Darlene Haynes, 8-months pregnant and a mother of three, has been reduced to little more than a memory and a foul odor. After she hadn’t been seen in more than three days, and after neighbors began to notice a fetid smell emanating from the direction of her home, her landlord entered her apartment to investigate. Monday afternoon, he found her body wrapped in bedding and stuffed into a closet. The remains had already began to decompose – the body was so badly mangled that authorities had difficulty even identifying her gender at the scene. Once the body was on the autopsy table, the ME made a shocking discovery – Darlene’s fetus was missing. It had been physically removed from her body. As in, cut the hell out. The question now is, where the hell is the fetus?

Darlene Haynes

Darlene Haynes

The ME’s office stated that the fetus could have survived, but would be in dire need of medical attention. One news source states the fetus was a female. Authorities are checking with the hospitals and urging people to come forward if they are suspicious of anyone who all of a sudden has a brand spankin’ new baby. An Amber Alert has not been issued because there are no descriptions of the suspect or the victim. The cause of death in Darlene’s case is undetermined as of yet, but it has been reported that blunt force trauma to the head might have been a factor. And, well, a ginormous gaping hole in her stomach, maybe?

Darlene’s aunt, Sandra Grandmaison, commented that Darlene, 23, has led a troubled life. She stated that, though Darlene is a loving and giving person, she never really developed intellectually. “She was a very sad, very young girl who never really grew up,” she said. “Darlene does not have the know-how or the ability to sense danger.” Darlene had custody of just one of her children – the other two had been placed with relatives some time ago. That child was not present at the time of the murder.

Worcester police continue to investigate. Anyone with information on the case or the whereabouts of the baby is urged to call Worcester detectives at 508-799-8651. And, as always, I will update this story as more information is made available.

Julia Corey, a 35-year-old homeless woman, is being held on $2M bail for allegedly killing Darlene Haynes and carving the baby from her womb. She has not been officially charged at the time I type this, but she was arrested shortly after being questioned. More importantly, the baby was found alive and in good health. She is currently in Speare Memorial Hospital under the name “Baby Jane Doe”.

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