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Mansfield, Mass – Police received two calls from a Mansfield home early Friday morning. The first was to say that a man with a history of mental illness, 35-year-old Kristopher Griffin, had intentions of harming himself. The second call that came in moments after the first was to say that they had found a note inside a mobile home Griffin had been living in on the property. It asked for “forgiveness for sending Katie to heaven.” When police arrived on the scene, they found Griffin waling down the street barefoot with blood on his face and shirt. They also found his 6-year-old daughter Kaitlynn, dead in the basement of the home. She had been covered with a sheet and her throat had been slit.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWhen police questioned Griffin, asking him if he had harmed anyone, he stated that he had killed his little girl. That the only way he could save her, according to God, was to murder her. Griffin, who had recently separated from the girl’s mother, then begged cops to shoot him. Griffin has a history of mental illness, having been hospitalized as recently as two weeks ago – around the same time him and his girlfriend split up. He is being held without bail and will be evaluated to see if he is fit to stand trial.

Just a side note, but if you watch the video below, you will hear a neighbor talk about camping in Jimbo’s backyard and make mention about glasses or some shit. Luckily the site that had the video transcribed the woman for me because I played that shit back four times before giving up. What neighbor Donna O’Neil says is, “We go camping in Jimbo’s backyard, my son and I. And we look up and she’s always looking out the window and talking to us, you know the little girl, ‘Hi, how are you?’ She’s only six and it’s really sad. You know with the brown curls and the glasses, it’s really sad that this had to happen.” I’m not sure exactly what she is implying with the brown curls and glasses comment, but it seemed like she was meaning that she felt bad that the girl was ugly on top of having her throat slit by her mentally ill father.

Could one of you believers please have a talk with God about this? I mean, I thought he stopped these type of shenanigans with Abraham.

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