Chattanooga, TN The Palmer School of Chiropractic promotes the alignment of the spine as a means of curing diseases. The problem with people with cancer, diabetes, you name it, is because their spine is “subluxated”. Subluxation means dislocated or misaligned. If you’ve ever known a Palmer School graduate, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Although David Palmer came to this notion almost a hundred years ago, his followers (graduates) are convinced they can cure anything by adjusting the spine. This was all lectured to me by a recent graduate over a few beers in a local pub while he constantly blew and wiped his nose from his cold! Palmer stated the subluxations interfered with the body’s expression of “Innate Intelligence“. (“The Soul, Spirit, or Spark of Life”) I wonder if having one’s back adjusted rids the body of demonic spirits? No matter what branch of chiropractic medicine Tina Loher’s ex-husband practiced, I doubt very seriously he would have ever dreamed she would by-pass the Palmer method and opt to rid his demons by blowing them out with a gun.

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Tina Loher Dr. Terry Loher

Tina Loher, a 41 year-old Registered Nurse, is described by her father as being very protective of her two children. She and her ex-husband divorced in 2005 and she had custody but denied Dr. Terry Loher contact with their daughters. They seemed to have had a not so awesome relationship. In 2002, she filed an order of protection because her son (his step-son) feared Terry. They were also due back in court to discuss child support payments. In an act of protection, per her diary, her ex had three demons inside of him:  one assigned to her and the remaining two assigned to their daughters, and the demon’s purpose was to destroy them. She aimed to create three “portals” to release these demons.

Driving from Knoxville to Chattanooga with her girls (5 and 7 years old) in the vehicle with her, she allegedly pulled in front of his chiropractic office, left her children in the car and marched on in for a little confrontation. She pulled out a .38 caliber and created the first portal…in his groin. He states she was speaking in tongues. When the gun fired and Dr. Loher was hit, his staff and patient hauled ass as he fought back. He doesn’t exactly know if he knocked her unconscious because as soon as he hit her, he tended to his wound in an attempt to control the bleeding. (and gauging by her mugshot, he got in a pretty solid punch – something he may have been wanting to do for some time)

Employees from a neighboring business pulled the girls inside while police sorted out the crime scene. Per one Prudential employee, the oldest daughter asked, “If my mom has murdered my dad? Is she going to go to jail? Where is she going to go?” A DCS employee stated the 7 year-old knew exactly what was going on and what her mother intended to do. The grand protector of her children discussed her elaborate demon ridding plans to those two young girls. I truly believe in sharing realistic things with children but I also tend to believe that material should be age appropriate. I’m not confident the discussion of blowing portals in their father via a .38 caliber weapon is age appropriate but children grow up so fast these days.

Dr. Loher underwent surgery to repair the damage caused by the gun blast and was able to make a teary appearance when his ex-wife was due in court. Putting forth the assertion that his ex was tenacious by nature, he feared that spirit would over-ride what ever logic she may possess and she’d set out to finish the job. With this information, the judge must have concurred and he increased her bail from $140,000 to $600,000 and she has been charged with attempted first-degree murder and two counts of reckless endangerment.

Dr. Loher and his new wife, I imagine, are very excited about their new house guests. They have been awarded custody of the two girls and they have a baby on the way. The tumultuous relationship between Tina and Terry has not fully been disclosed but after her antics, I think it may be safe to assume his character may have been misrepresented a bit and she was the one with a few demons looking for a hole.

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