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TUALATIN, Oregon – On June 24, Tualatin police received an anonymous tip stating that a woman, Olivia Bunn, 20, had recently enlisted the help of three men to rough up her ex-boyfriend, the father of her 2-month-old son. Michael Asberry, 20; Jeffrey Dahlke, 20; and Sampson Johnson, 21, were supposed to break into his home and give him a good, old-fashioned beat down, along with another female. Authorities did not give specifics on Olivia’s motive, aside from it being revenge for something. But people close to the case said Olivia hired the three men because she was angry with her baby’s daddy and his new girlfriend.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIt didn’t take long for this genius plan to fall apart as one day after the tip came in, Olivia was arrested. The day after that, the three men she allegedly hired were apprehended near the Bridgeport Village mall.

Olivia was indicted on July 2 on a slew of charges including conspiracy to commit assault, conspiracy to commit robbery, conspiracy to commit burglary, soliciting assault, soliciting robbery, soliciting burglary, stalking and criminal mischief. Not sure what possible sentence she could get on any or all of those charges, but I am gonna take a stab that she is gonna have a tough time taking care of that baby. Her mother is not sure if she is guilty or not, but did state she is worried for the baby’s safety. No clue what she is implying, but it is what she said.

On Tuesday, the three “muscle” were indicted on charges of conspiracy to commit assault, conspiracy to commit robbery and conspiracy to commit burglary. The male trio remain in the Washington County Jail. I was going to make some Napolean Dynamite jokes, but it’s just too easy – although if any of the three do actually serve any time for this, the dude on the bottom right should just shave his head beforehand…at the very least a mohawk.

Loose lips sink ships and all that, and I am going to go ahead an assume that the ex got lucky when one of these three, or Olivia herself, couldn’t keep their mouth shut.

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