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ORLANDO, Fl – And now police would like to talk with him. A 14-year-old girl was dancing with her friends in a wave pool at a Wet ‘N Wild in Orlando. She states that she was surrounded by a group of men who picked her up and began passing her around in the air. They were also touching her inappropriately and one man – wearing a hat with the letter “P” on it – succeeded in removing the top to her bikini. One of the men then seized this opportunity to pull down her bikini bottom and insert his fingers into her.

I’m sure there are all kinds of lessons to be learned here. And a bunch of subjects that can be talked about from pack mentality, to exactly what kind of dancing was this girl doing? And before anyone jumps on me screaming that how she dances should not be an invitation to rape, I agree whole-heartedly. But I do think that there needs to be a bit of common sense as well. We have all seen videos of girls who decide to flash their tits or other parts of their anatomy, when in the company of a large number of drunk, young men. They can be pretty scary – not in just how dumb the chick is for doing it in that situation – but just how riled up the men get in the process. The amazing power a set of female tits have over a man are quite extraordinary.

I remember once when I was a kid. Around 10 or so. Me and my friends were hanging out a little past dark during the summer. We had climbed on top of a shed in the backyard of a neighbor’s house for no other reason than to lay there and stare at the stars and bullshit about whatever 10-year-old’s bullshit about. We noticed a light come on in the house and noticed that the woman who lived there (a young, blond, married woman we all fantasized about) had just entered the bathroom. Without having to say anything to anyone, all three of us hopped off the shed and scrambled to pull ourselves up the window’s ledge to see if we could see this chick naked. And holy Jesus did we ever. It was the first time I had actually seen real LIVE tits of a very attractive female. We must have been making a racket because she turned to look in our direction.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI dropped so quickly, I racked my chin on the brick ledge biting my tongue so bad my mouth filled with blood as we ran like hell. In the process of running through the backyards of our neighborhood at night, I stepped in dog shit, ripped my shirt, had the wind knocked out of me when we all got tangled up trying to negotiate around a swing-set and ended up screaming in pain when I twisted my ankle in my own front yard. We were like the fucking three stooges running a marathon while handcuffed together. But as I lay there in bed with an ice pack on my swelling ankle, my tongue hurting like a motherfucker and my ears still flush from the verbal assault I got from my dad over the ripped clothing – all I thought about was those magnificent tits. Hell, I’m thinking about them now. And like then, I am grinning.

Anyway, the teen told police that she could identify one of the men, but not the men that were pulling her bathing suit off, or gave her the wet willy. I am curious if Wet N’ Wild has lifeguards (I am assuming they do) and how easy would it be to mistake what happened to this girl as nothing but horseplay. Now of course I have no idea what transpired before this chick got sexually assaulted, and I guess it is no matter really as she could have been begging for it and the actions of these men STILL would have been just as illegal. But there is a warning for young, hot chicks in bikinis in this story somewhere, but I spent a lot of time searching on the word “jailbait” to make a picture for this story and I am too aroused to figure it out. I suffer for my art.


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