Julie Carr Webcasts Her Perversion Live

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Mars Hill, Maine – After much searching, I could not find one “good” photo of this vile skank.  I am convinced that her zombie-like appearance must render cameras useless.  Even digital electronics can not get over the ugly.  They seem to refuse to focus.  Either that, or they are focusing on her soul, which is ten times more repugnant than her face.  Why is this woman gracing the front page of the Demon you ask?  Being unattractive is no crime you say?  Julie Carr, 30 (meth much?) molested a child – probably one of her own, live, on webcam.

Julie Carr

During an investigation into child pornography on the internet, law enforcement officials in the United Kingdom discovered recorded videos showing a woman committing sexual acts on a young child. One having been filmed as recently as last Wednesday.  The origin of the videos was determined to be the United States.  They contacted the officials at the Child Exploitation Online Protection and the U.S. Embassy and with the help of US law enforcement and the Department of Health and Human Resources, the woman was identified as Carr.

Carr was charged with gross sexual assault and sexual exploitation of a minor.  Her 4 children, ages 18 months to 5 years, were removed and put in protective custody.

The photo to the right of Carr appears on both her MySpace and her My Yearbook pages with the caption “Me after 4 kids” on one of the pages.  Folks, if that isn’t enough to scare you sterile, I don’t know what is.  Yeesh.  (Thanks to one of our forum biatches, thehesbomb, for the social network digging.)

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