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Lenoir, North Carolina.–There are bad neighbors…then there are bad neighbors. You know the type…everyone has had one at one point or another in their life. Roland Younce falls into the bad neighbor category. Well, he used to, anyway. Now, because of a hair trigger temper and a long standing feud over a dog, Younce is dead after a shoot-out with the cops.

Roland Younce

Roland Younce

The feud between Younce and his neighbor, Tony Moore, began brewing in January 2008 when Younce’s pit bull took a chunk out of Moore’s young daughters…Moore sued Younce for $1,900 for the medical bills incurred. Over the next 18 months, police responded to disturbance calls from the Moore and Younce residences on at least 26 different occasions. The whole nasty thing came to a head last Wednesday.

Moore called 911 asking for a deputy’s assistance. “My neighbor’s pit bull was over here on my front porch growling at me – he run my cat off and all, and I shot him. And the neighbor threatened to kill me,” said Moore. “You need to get somebody down here because I’m sitting here with my gun right now. They better get here quick because I’ll shoot him, too.” Just moments later, Younce was on the phone with 911 dispatchers as well. “The neighbor next door said he just shot my *bleep* dog.” The operator asked why his neighbor had shot the dog and Younce answered, “He did it just for the *bleep* spite of it, man.” The dispatcher assured Younce that a deputy was on the way. “You’d better get him out here fast before I kill this *bleep*.”

An officer arrived at Moore’s house first. Unbeknownst to him, Younce was hiding in the woods, lying in wait. While on the porch, talking with Moore and his two young daughters, ages 9 and 8, shots rang out. Deputy Marty Robbins was hit with shotgun pellets in his chest, arm, and leg. Moore, who is confined to a wheelchair, was pelted with buckshot in the shoulder, back, and hip. Moore’s youngest daughter, 8-year-old Ashley Moore, was shot in the back. All four were able to scramble to the safety of the house and await backup. Platoon leader Sgt. Tom McManus arrived with extra officers and attempted to get the wounded out of the house for medical treatment. Another shot, and McManus was hit in the left forearm. At that point, deputies returned fire in the direction where Younce was hiding. Several hours later, the body of Younce was found, dead from a gunshot wound. Officers do not believe the shot was self-inflicted.

Both deputies were treated and released the next day. Tony and Ashley Moore remain hospitalized in serious condition. Check out the source link for the dirty details on the year long feud between the pair and to listen to the 911 recordings. Crazy shit people…absotively crazy.


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