Marie Moore Was Target Shooting

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Casselberry, Florida–The picture you see above is a screenshot from surveillance video taken at the Shoot Straight Gun Range Sunday afternoon. The woman pointing the gun is 44-year-old Marie Moore. The target is her own son, 20-year-old Mitchel Moore. After blowing a hole in the back of Mitchel’s head, Marie placed the gun in her own mouth and swallowed a bullet. Mitchel died at the scene…Marie died a shortly after at Florida Hospital Altamonte.

Screenshot from surveillance video

Screenshot from surveillance video

For fucksake, why? There’s no suicide note, there’s no indication she had spoken of her plan to anyone else, there is no indication of a plan at all. They weren’t arguing at the time; witnesses say the pair seemed to be getting along just fine. The two were taking turns shooting targets and chatting with other shooters. What made this woman murder her son in such a chilling and cold-blooded manner?

Jim Copertino was target shooting in the lane next to Marie and Mitchel. He said it appeared the two were on drugs. ‘They were both very hyper and nervous. I was keeping an eye on them, actually, because it’s a very small location in there. I noticed both of them were very anxious with each other. She kept getting very close to him when he was firing.’ He also stated that Marie, ‘ran out just prior to that grabbed more ammunition and I watched her do that. The shooting happened right after that.’

Another eyewitness, Bobby Davidowitz had this to say: ‘When I heard a gunshot I look and I see this kid collapsing spitting up blood it took me a second to register.’ Bobby and his friends noticed something wasn’t quite right before it happened, ‘These people are too hyper to be at the gun range she was walking back and forth.’

According to a police report, Mitchel’s father, Charles Moore, told police it was his understanding that Marie was barred from that particular gun range due to a suicide attempt at the location several years ago. But police say they have no record of an incident involving Marie. They did state that Marie was once admitted to a hospital for observation under the state’s Baker Act in 2002, but due to privacy policies, they will not release any information as to why. It is also reported that Marie had two DUI convictions on her record.

Marie and Mitchel had just bought a membership to the club that day and the murder weapon was rented from the gun range. Though background checks are required when someone buys a firearm, gun range owners can’t legally perform any kind of check on people who bring their own guns or rent ones from the range. No one from Shoot Straight Gun Range would comment.

RIP Mitchel Moore…and my condolences to all who loved you.

Mitchel Moore (Myspace)

Here is the actual video. Warning, graphic.

Wicked Doll has this one up in the forums.

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