Seth Tatum Murdered Louis Perryman

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Seth Tatum and Lou Perryman

Texas – I am late putting this up because I completely missed it until I saw it listed in the Daily Bite. On Wednesday, Carl Drake was attacked by his bi-polar stepson, Seth Tatum. He was attacked with a pair of hedge clippers and suffered multiple injuries, including a fractured skull. Seth left the residence and ended up at a home 3 miles away. Witnesses state that Seth struck up a conversation with homeowner and then went inside. A short time later, Seth was seen driving away in the man’s car. On Thursday, Seth Tatum drove to the Travis County Courthouse, pulled into a parking space and approached a few officers. He then stated “By the way, that’s a stolen car and Im pretty sure I killed the owner of that car.”

Sadly, he was not lying. Police entered the home from which Seth had taken the car, and found 67-year-old Louis Perryman dead. Investigators say his body was covered with multiple slash marks. Now some of you may not recognize the name, or even the face of Mr. Perryman. But horror fans know the man well. All though he has multiple credits in films over his career, films like Poltergeist and The Blues Brothers, he was also known as L.G. from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.

Police say the meeting was purely random, and that Perryman was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Tatum had just recently moved into his mother’s home after having served some time for aggravated robbery. His mother, Joan Tatum, stated that he was off of his meds and had been drinking. She also stated that she tried to get him help on Tuesday at a local counseling center but had to leave because they could not afford the treatment.

How about sending the Louis Perryman family some love over on his Facebook page.

As a horror fan, I didn’t feel right NOT putting this up front.


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