Robert Davison’s Ritual of Summoning, Fails

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Salt Lake City, Utah –Parents, want to get it across to your teens that things, and people, on the internet aren’t always what they seem? Print out a picture of Prince Charming here, and tape it to your computer. That should be enough to scare any child away from a chat room. Robert Lavern Davison Jr., the nasty beast, is gracing the pages of the Dreamin’ Demon because he reportedly wanted to hook up with a 13-year-old girl.

The 48-year-old beast, also known as ‘Bear’,  likes to play World of Warcraft; hence the title. In June 2008, he started chatting with a 13-year-old girl during game play. The chatting then moved to instant messaging, where it became more and more sexual. Eventually, Davison sent the girl a cell phone and communicated with her that way. I have to believe that the girl had no idea what Davison really looked like. I have to believe it, or I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

On November 13, the girl’s mother called police to report her daughter didn’t make it to school. After questioning the teen’s friends, officials learned she was planning on going to California to live with her boyfriend. It was then that the FBI and Utah’s Internet Crimes Against Children task force got involved. Agents performed a forensic scan on her computer and cell phone. The information on the computers led investigators to believe that Davison was engaging in sexually explicit conversations and intended to have the girl travel to California for sexually related purposes.

On a hunch, detectives headed for the Greyhound bus station. They arrived just in time…the girl was to board the bus in less than an hour. It then became obvious the girl had been fooled. When shown a real picture of her ‘boyfriend’ the kid freaked out. She was only an hour and 755 miles away from making the biggest mistake of her young life.

Officers wanted to reel in the beast…they picked up where the girl left off and continued to chat with Davison. Centerville Police Sgt. Von Steenblik the chats became more sexual in nature. ‘The things he wanted to do to her were graphic and violent.’ On February 12, FBI agents traveled to Cobb, California and arrested Davison.

Davison remained in custody in California for more than a month before being transported by the US Marshal’s Office to his Utah court appearances where he was ordered detained until trial. Robert Lavern Davison Jr. faces one count of coercion and enticement, which carries a potential maximum penalty of life in federal prison with a 10-year mandatory minimum sentence.

Oh, and if your wondering what that nasty, festering sore on his stomach is? It’s a large and inoperable hernia on the verge of bursting. *gag* If you just can’t get enough of that mug shot, or would like to closer inspect the beast’s hernia, you’ll be happy to know that there is a larger version of the picture right here.

And, thanks for the story, Special2bme. I think…

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