Love Bites

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Robert Drawbough & Helen Sun (Friendster)

Fairfield, Connecticut‘Oooooooow! Oh my god! She’s biting my arms!’ You know, some stories just write themselves…this is one of them. Robert Drawbough and Helen Sun have been married for about 8 years. In that period, she has broken an acoustic guitar over his head, pushed him down a flight of stairs, sicced a private investigator on him to monitor his every move, and argued with him over a Christmas tree. He finally mustered up the courage to leave. He moved to California. After spending a bit of time researching this story, I have come to the conclusion that Helen Sun is one looney bitch. And, she doesn’t take a break-up well.

For reasons known only to Robert, he decided to give the marriage another shot. He returned to Connecticut from California about a week ago in the hopes of reconciling the marriage. The talks must not have went as planned; Helen was displeased.

First, she changed the locks on the bedroom door so that it locked from the outside. She put a gallon of water in the bedroom and took her husband’s wallet and cell phone while he slept. Then, she handcuffed herself to him. Robert was due for a rude awakening.

The sound of handcuffs clicking is enough to get anyone’s attention, and when Robert opened his eyes, there was Helen. ‘You slept all day today. Now this is what we are going to do for the next day.’ She wanted to talk and she wanted his undivided attention. He freaked.

When Robert tried to escape, Helen bit him on his forehead, arms, and chest. Somehow, he got a hold of a cell phone and managed to call 911. ‘My wife has handcuffed me. She’s attacking me. Please come and help me get out of here,’ he tells the dispatcher. When the dispatcher asks him if he can get away from his wife, he screams, ‘No, she’s handcuffed herself to me, please send police.’ He begins to scream in pain. Dispatcher: ‘What is she doing that’s making you…..’ Robert: ‘She’s biting my arm!’ Scuffling and slapping can be heard in the background.

About three minutes in to the call, police arrived and kicked in the door. Officers freed Robert from the handcuffs and arrested Helen. Robert was treated at a local hospital for bite marks and scratches to his torso and arms.

Helen Sun, 37, was charged with second-degree reckless endangerment, third-degree assault, disorderly conduct and first-degree unlawful restraint. Her bail was originally set at $400, but the Assistant State’s Attorney urged the judge to increase the bond to $25,000 because of her history of violent behavior with Robert. Helen’s public defender, countered that her client is being treated for post-traumatic stress caused by a crash in Fairfield last year that left her with a disabled leg. She wanted the bond left at $400.

The judge compromised and set the bond at $15,000 and issued a restraining order that Helen have no further contact with her husband. He also ordered Helen to undergo a mental evaluation and get some kind of treatment. Helen Sun bonded out later that day.

Domestic violence isn’t funny, but the following 911 call is.


Robert, take my advice please…the bitch is crazy, run fast and run far.

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