Aaron Flynn Says He’s Sorry

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Aaron Flynn

Aaron Flynn

Wheatfield, Indiana– On March 11, 2009, family members of Rosalba Silvana Ricchio, 54, were alerted by a neighbor who had not seen her since Monday, March 9. After paying a visit to Ricchio’s home, they reported her missing to the police. Her house was in disarray and one of the phone lines had been pulled out or cut. Things didn’t look like they normally would if you left the house voluntarily. Another key component was that her two Pomeranians, that she basically worshiped, were locked in a bathroom. Her family and other people in the area said every time she left, she took her dogs. Based on evidence at Ricchio’s residence, investigators immediately believed her disappearance was suspicious.

On March 13, after a subsequent traffic stop, Aaron Flynn, 26, was stopped in Newton County driving a 1993 Geo Tracker registered to Ricchio. It was found that Flynn had a suspended license. The vehicle was seized and Flynn was arrested. When officers questioned Flynn about why he had Ricchio’s vehicle, he stated he had been living with Ricchio, on and off, and had done some work for her. He said he had not seen her since Monday. Flynn posted bond and was released that same day.

The following day, police were alerted by a family member that another vehicle of Ricchio’s, a Ford Taurus, was seen at a home in Newton County. Officers investigated the car at the residence and discovered both human blood and hair residue in the trunk. Aaron  Flynn was found inside the home. He was taken in for further questioning and during the interview police questioned Flynn about $300 that was missing from the victim’s bank account after her disappearance. Flynn gave the police a false alibi of how he obtained the money and he was arrested for theft.

The next morning Flynn said he wanted to talk to the detectives and said that he believed he knew where Ricchio’s body was. Flynn took police to a wooded area in north Newton County, a private farm in Sumava Resorts, and there Ricchio’s body was discovered in a shallow grave covered with sticks.

Also arrested were two cousins, Chris Henderson, 30, and Matthew Henderson, 23. Flynn was friends with both of them and police believe they were with Flynn on the day of Ricchio’s disappearance. They got in the car knowing that Ricchio was in the trunk.

After the autopsy, officials stated Ricchio died from blunt force trauma to the head and neck.What investigators believe happened is that Ricchio was pushed to the ground and a shovel was placed at her throat. Someone then stepped on the shovel. Investigators are still trying to determine when Ricchio was killed, but believe she was killed on the farm where her remains were found. Just the thought of someone being murdered like that, especially by someone they knew…chills me to the bone.

Aaron Flynn, who was initially charged in Jasper County with theft, forgery, criminal confinement, fraud and kidnapping, is now being charged with felony murder in Newton County with his bond set for $110,000. If convicted, Flynn could get 45 to 65 years in prison and fines of up to $30,000. Christopher and Matthew Henderson are being held in the Newton County Jail on charges of aiding a criminal.

As Flynn was being escorted by officers into court last Friday, he said loudly to the press, “Put in the newspaper that I’m sorry.”After being read the charge and possible punishment in the courtroom that day, Flynn said he would plead not guilty. Before leaving the courtroom, Flynn hugged his mother and told her he loved her. Boo-fucking-hoo baby huey!

R.I.P. Rosalba Silvana Ricchio

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