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Michelle Owen Likes It RRRRUFF

March 19, 2009 at 5:22 am by  

Whiteland, IN – Michelle Owen is a special kind of stupid. She’s sitting in jail for public intoxication, which was in violation of her probation from an earlier DUI charge, and she requested to speak to an officer. She tells the officer that, before she landed her ass in jail, she was going through the search history on her laptop and noticed some of the results may have been related to child pornography. She asked if the PD could search her laptop for any child porn that her ex-boyfriend may have downloaded. You see, Michelle is in a custody dispute with the ex and thought she would report his suspected illegal activity. Michelle signed a consent to search form and arranged for the laptop to be dropped off at the police department.

Michelle, obviously lacking in brain cells, forgot about a couple of videos she had uploaded. Videos of her and her dog, Toby…and they weren’t playing fetch.

The forensic examiner began the search of the computer’s hard drive. He came across a couple of video files in the recycle bin.

The first video file was 31 seconds in length. It showed Michelle, completely nekkid, and walking away from the camera to a bed with a dog on it. Michelle laid down next to the dog. At this point, Michelle’s boyfriend at the time, Heath Pierle, entered the frame. He rubbed a substance on Michelle’s vagina. Michelle then reached for a jar, scooped something out of it, (peanut butter, perhaps?) and rubbed it on her vagina…then called for the dog, Toby. Well, I think we all know what happened next. Michelle could be seen smiling as the video came to an end.

The second video was 1 minute, 11 seconds in length. Once again, Michelle is nekkid and calling for Toby. This time though, Michelle doesn’t have any peanut butter, so after just a few seconds of licking, the dog lost interest and walked away. Michelle is viewed enjoying herself and a fine cigarette for the rest of the video.

The detective went back to Michelle and told her that he had found some of the files she had been referring to, and also informed her that he had found some video files with her in them. When asked if she knew what those files might be, she said, ‘The one with the dog.’ Bingo! She asked, ‘Am I going to be charged with this?’ Bingo, again! Maybe she’s not as stupid as she looks. Michelle said the videos were just something that she did when she was drunk, she hardly remembered them. She does remember trying to delete them the next day…after she sobered up.

Michelle Owen now faces a felony count of beastiality. When asked if she wanted to withdraw her consent to search, Michelle stated that she didn’t. She wanted the officer to continue to search for any child porn her ex may have downloaded.

I don’t know how old the child in question is, but Kee-Rist! Daddy is possibly searching for child porn and mommy is entertaining herself with the family dog? What kind of household are these people fuckin’ running? Get that kid outta there!

And Michelle, these four little words speak volumes: The. Dog. Lost. Interest.

Thanks go to TSG for the police affidavits.

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