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Faith Loftin & Shawn Franklin SUCK

March 17, 2009 at 9:24 am by  

Faith Loftin & Shawn Franklin

Faith Loftin & Shawn Franklin

Lynchburg, VA–There aren’t a lot of details being released on this particular case but a couple of things are known for sure; Faith Loftin’s 5-year-old son is suffering from 2nd and 3rd-degree burns caused by scalding water, and police believe that Shawn Franklin is the person responsible for causing those injuries.

It has been reported that in late February, Franklin immersed Loftin’s son, back first, into a tub of scalding water, causing the burns to the child’s upper body. The motive behind the abuse is unknown. The child’s mother failed to seek immediate attention for the burns.

The child’s burns were only discovered when an employee from the child’s school grew concerned after the child failed to show up for a week. Police were called to Loftin’s home on February 25 for a welfare check on the child. When confronted about the child’s burns, Loftin tried to pass them off as bug bites. Wow. She’s about as stupid, and scary, as she fuckin’ looks!

Faith Loftin was arrested on a charge of failure to render medical assistance. Police speculate that an entire week had gone by from the time the boy was burned to the time he received medical attention. She was denied bond in a separate juvenile and domestic relations court hearing Wednesday. Her live-in boyfriend, Shawn Franklin, was nowhere to be found.

Franklin was on the run for about two weeks. On the night of March 12, a tip led officers directly to the 26-year-old…the coward was hiding out in someone’s attic. He was arrested and charged with felony abuse, neglect of a child, and malicious wounding.

Of course, his family is coming out in droves to defend the prick. They say there is no way Franklin would hurt a child; it wasn’t him; it was someone else; he will be found innocent…blahblahblah. His mother, Hazel Franklin: ‘He ain’t no saint now but he would never put his hands on nobody’s child or hurt a child. He was good to them, he fed those kids and everything to make sure they ate and everything.’ His brother, Edward Franklin: ‘I know he’s going to get off, I know. I can’t see my brother going down for something he didn’t do.’ His sister, Sharkia Davis: ‘Don’t act different towards him when he comes home because this is some bull, it is not true.’

Regardless of what the family thinks, police are confident they have the right person in custody.

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