Wendy Harden Snapped

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From Wendy’s Myspace

West Palm Beach, FL–I hate the ‘snapped’ defense, it sickens me to even reference it in this article, but it seems to be the only logical(?) explanation for 28-year-old Wendy Harden’s behavior. She went a little nuts Tuesday night and started stabbing and slashing her two children, an 8-year-old girl and an 8-month-old baby boy, with shards of broken glass.

Investigators say that Wendy became enraged and smashed her head through a window. She then used the glass shards to stab her daughter on the shoulder and her baby up to 5 times in his head and chest.

Neighbor Chad Elam was shocked to see the 8-year-old girl running down the street, bloodied and screaming for help. Elam raced over to the house and confronted Wendy. ‘She was screaming incoherently, she wasn’t there. It wasn’t her there. You could look at her face. It wasn’t a human being.’ Wendy turned around to face Elam and brought the glass shard up and cut her own neck. He managed to knock the glass out of her hand and drag her outside, where he held her until authorities arrived.

The father of the children was contacted by police while on a trucking route. He stated to police that Wendy had been battling an addiction to pain killers, which she took for her back. Her daughter told police that earlier, her mother had taken 4 of the pills and it ‘made her crazy.’ Officer’s found empty prescription pill bottles of Oxycodone and Hydrocodone and a nearly empty bottle of Crown Royal.

The infant was hospitalized in critical condition, as of yesterday, he had been upgraded to stable. The 8-year-old is doing fine, physically anyway, and staying with a relative.

Wendy Harden is still hospitalized. When released, she will be arrested and charged with attempted murder of the baby boy and aggravated child abuse.

Thank you Chad Elam, for getting involved. You saved the lives of those children Tuesday night.

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