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Leslie Wilfred Didn’t Fake the Abuse

November 28, 2008 at 7:55 am by  

Leslie Wilfred at

Thomasville, GA – There’s some people, you meet ’em or hear about ’em and find yourself thinking, “He’s a little off” or “She’s just not right.” I’m guessing Leslie Wilfred is one of those. It’s not just the actual funeral for the made-up stillborn twins–it’s also the wooden box she used to restrain her 10-year-old son.

A few months ago, Leslie Wilfred announced to her family that she was pregnant–with twins, even. However, right around what would’ve been her 22nd week, she told everyone she’d delivered stillborn babies at a local hospital. As you can imagine, folks around her were horrified, and members of her church reached out to the Wilfred family. On November 13th, a funeral service was held at the Rose City Pentecostal Church for the deceased infants, complete with sonogram images.

It was the sonogram images that set off someone’s hinky meter. Say I’m an anorexic blonde with a fishbelly complexion and I want to get into the bar even though I’m not quite old enough. Well, flashing an ID with a pic of Queen Latifah isn’t going to get me through the door. Similarly, if you’re going to hold a service for infants stillborn at 22 weeks, you’re going to want to avoid providing sonograms of full-term babies for everyone to see.

The end result was that someone expressed some concern about these so-called dead babies, and so investigators showed up at the home Leslie shares with her husband Christopher and five children. They found no evidence of the infants in question, but they did find evidence of child abuse.

In the bottom of a closet was a hand-crafted wooden box screwed to the floor, and inside the box was a pillow, a blanket, and scribbled profanities. Authorities believe the box was used to discipline Leslie Wilfred’s 10-year-old son (they also believe the boy is the author of the scribbles). Now, you tell me, who in their right fucking mind puts a boy that age into a box that’s only 2 feet wide and 2 feet long? Supposedly the child has “some issues,” but unless they include possession by the devil and the ability to kill with his mind, I can’t imagine any scenario for which time jammed in a wooden box in a fetal position seems likely to lead to improvements in the situation.

The long and short of it is that both Leslie and Christopher Wilfred were arrested on cruelty to children charges. Christopher’s charges relate solely to the wooden box; he’s been released on bond. Leslie’s charges are due to both the box and the children’s mental suffering over the faked babies. She was denied bond and is still in jail.

As for the people in the church, they’ve been more than gracious despite being fooled–two of the children are with the church pastor and his wife; two others are with another church family.

So Jaded and Tazzz aren’t faking it over in the forums.

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