Happy Halloween 2008 – Necrophilia Edition!

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Well, to honor the greatest holiday ever made, we have decided to compile a list of of some of the people who have graced our site for one of the most ghoulish of criminal activities…necrophilia. So continue on my friends if you dare, and check out 5 stories that involved some men who liked their women a bit on the cold side.

Anthony Merino on dreamindemon.com

First up is Anthony Merino. He was one of our first necrophiles. He was employed as a lab technician at Holy Name Hospital in Tea Neck, New Jersey. For some reason, he decided that he wanted to have sex with a dead person. That is all kinds of sick, sure, but he opted for the corpse of a 94-year-old woman. Thing is, if a coin toss decided whether you had sex with a 94-year-old woman dead or alive, heads or tails…you lose.

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Bryan James Hathaway on dreamindemon.com

Second is one of our more popular stories, and one that didn’t involve sex with a dead human, but rather, sex with a very dead deer. Bryan James Hathaway felt so enamored by a dead deer on the side of the road, he had sex with it right there, in plain view of a daycare. Aside from the story itself, this article also contains the origins of Morbid’s Couch.

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Martin Hughes on dreamindemon.com

Martin Hughes was featured in a short article when he was arrested and accused of shooting his half-sister and stepmother, then having sex with his stepmother’s corpse. He also has the honors of having one of the creepiest pictures on the site.

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Kenneth Douglas on dreamindemon.com

Kenneth Douglas, David Steffen, Karen Range

Next we have one of our most recent necrophiles, Kenneth Douglas. He was the morgue attendant who was accused and convicted of having sex with the corpse of murder victim, Karen Range. A young girl who was murdered by David Steffen, who was arrested and convicted for the crime. Douglas had sex with her corpse after it had been in the morgue for 4 hours.

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Nick Grunke, Alex Grunke, Dustin Radke on dreamindemon.com

Nick Grunke, Alex Grunke, Dustin Radke

Last, but definitley not least, we have three guys who didn’t get to fully carry out the act of necrophilia, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. Remember these three idiots? How could you forget them. Nick Grunke, Alex Grunke and Dustin Radke picked a girl who had recently died in a motorcycle accident as the perfect candidate to embellish a fantasy involving having sex with a corpse. Luckily, their plan was thwarted…and what a plan it was.

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So that’s this year’s Halloween trip through memory lane. With that, everyone have a great and safe Halloween! Sleep Tight!

Halloween on dreamindemon.com

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