Intruder Put Bonnie Bowen’s Penny In The Oven

October 27, 2008 at 9:51 am by  


DILLON, SC – Bonnie Bowens returned from church last Wednesday only to return home to find her trailer door open and the contents ransacked. She then called for her dog, Penny, whom she had only owned for 2-months. Penny didn’t come, but it was at that point Bonnie noticed the smell, the oven light on, and a chair propped against the oven’s door.

That’s right, someone decided to vandalize this woman’s home, and then in an act of cruelty we see on occasion here at D’D, put her pet dog in the oven, cooking it alive. Police feel that the intruder was wearing gloves as they were not able to lift prints from the scene. They are now asking for the public’s help in catching this asshole.

Anyone with more information on the incident is asked to call local police at (843) 774-0051.

Admittedly, watching the video report at first, I got a guilty chuckle out of Bonnie, but it is quite apparent she loved that animal and the video makes the levels of cruel this act was more apparent. Anyone who is able to do something like that to something so defenseless, needs to be outed and punished for it.

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