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Dreamin’ Demon Home Office, Akron, Ohio – It’s Labor Day, a time when most of us celebrate the ending of summer with parties and barbecues.  Some of us get all teary about the plight of the American Worker, others get in a last swim at the public pool.  Here at the Dreamin’ Demon Home Office in Akron, Ohio, this Labor Day reminded us of… labor.

Sometimes we cover cases where a mother undergoes nine months of pregnancy, grits her teeth through hours or days of labor, and produces a beautiful little bundle of joy – only to kill it or abandon it to death within hours, days, or weeks.  Today, I present to you my top five Dreamin’ Demon Labor Day babykillers:  mothers all, with infants three months or younger.  

5.  Genny Granados, Houston, Texas

Genny Granados, 29, was already a mother of two when she found out she was pregnant with her third child.  The problem?  The child didn’t belong to her long-term man.  Granados appeared at a Houston emergency room in February complaining of stomach pain.  But before she could be seen, she left – at least, it was thought that she left.   Instead, Granados hid in a restroom in the hospital, gave birth, cleaned herself up and ditched her newborn son in a trash can.   The infant was discovered later, but not soon enough.   Granados’ baby was brain-dead.  After several days in the hospital, he was removed from life support.    Granados even had the cojones to petition the court to attend her son’s funeral, but was denied.   She is awaiting trial on charges of felony injury to a child.

4. Efernia McClendon, Opelika, Alabama

Efernia McClendon on

Efernia McClendon was just 18 years old when she gave birth in February.  She didn’t abort.  She didn’t choose adoption for her unborn child.   No, Efernia waited until she’d gone nine months without prenatal care, gave birth in her home, and then threw her baby girl out into a ditch behind her apartment complex.  Efernia’s baby girl was born alive and then killed.  She had no name, not even a dumpster for a coffin.   A police investigator raised money for a funeral and named the tiny girl Noelani, because nobody came to claim her.   Three months later, after DNA and other forensic evidence was processed, Efernia McClendon was arrested and charged with manslaughter.  She’s awaiting trial.

3. Kristina Fuelling, Granite Bay, California

Kristina Fuelling, 27, had problems giving her eight-day-old baby girl a bath.  Faith Evelyn Fuelling was born on January 12, 2008, and was killed by her mother on January 20.  Kristina Fuelling drowned baby Faith in a sink, then woke up her husband to tell him what she’d done.  Fuelling was not a single mother.  She had Faith’s father in the home – she chose not to wake him, chose not to tell him she was overwhelmed.  She chose not to call someone for help or leave the baby alone in a crib.  Hell, she chose not to kill herself.  Instead, she drowned her baby, went to jail, and told police exactly what she’d done.

Fuelling is now awaiting trial on charges of murder and assault on a child. Her defense is claiming postpartum depression and financial problems.  Note to Kristina:  abortion would have been cheaper.  Birth control, cheaper still. Adoption would have gotten you paid.  Murder is expensive.

2. Morgan Hite, Wasilla, Alaska and Grand Junction, Colorado

Morgan Hite 22, left the corpse of her murdered newborn son at her father and stepmother’s Colorado home after a visit in April.  She apparently gave birth in a neighbor’s bathroom, which she then cleaned up after killing her baby.  She wrapped the child in plastic, carted him home to her parents’ house, and left his body to rot in their guest closet.   Even worse?  Hite slept in the room with the rotting infant for over a month before taking her older child and going home to Alaska.  Um, say what?

Hite’s stepmother found the dead baby in her guest room closet, stuffed into a bag.  She’d been cleaning house trying to find what she thought was a dead rodent.  Nobody had known Morgan was still pregnant – she told her family she’d given birth in Alaska and given the baby up for adoption. While she was in Colorado, Morgan went snowboarding, took in tourist attractions with her daughter, and ignored the dead baby in her closet.   Morgan Hite is awaiting trial on charges of murder and child abuse resulting in death.

1. Caren Kohberger, Alvin and Galveston, Texas

That’s right, denizens.  My number one Labor Day babykiller isn’t even charged with murder – but maybe she should be.  On January 29, 2998, three-month old Alijah Mullis was stomped to death by his father, Travis “TJ” Mullis.  His body and carseat were abandoned on the side of the road in Galveston – nothing like death with a beach view.   Clearly Alijah’s mother, Caren Kohberger, didn’t actually kill her child – so why the ranking?   Because the more I think about this bitch, the madder I get.

Caren whined throughout her pregnancy, begging for help from friends on Fubar, a social networking site where she spent most of her time.  She knew her babydaddy Mullis had problems.  But Caren wouldn’t work.  Caren wouldn’t do anything.   Caren left her baby to his troubled father, well aware of his issues.   Why?  Because Caren was a lazy bitch who couldn’t be bothered.  And I defended her, said she didn’t kill her son, she shouldn’t be charged.  I was wrong, wrong, wrong.

On the morning of Alijah’s death, he was barely three months old.  Travis Mullis went to Caren and said that he was having flashbacks to sexual abuse he had suffered as a child.  He told Caren that he had to get out of the house or he would hurt his son, hurt her, or hurt himself.  Her response?  “Take the baby with you.”

Four hours later, Alijah Mullis was dead.  It wasn’t like Caren Kohberger had anywhere to be that day, anything to do.  She knew her son was in danger.  Mullis told her he would likely hurt the child. And she told Mullis to take him anyway.   That, my friends, is almost as good as a curb-stomp to me.  And while Travis Mullis  now faces the death penalty (as well he should), Caren Kohberger is out on bond, awaiting trial on a charge of child endangerment – a charge that will net her less than two years, if convicted.

People of the Internet, take heed and listen.  If you do not want a baby, do not go through labor only to kill your child.  There’s no need.  Birth control is readily available.  Adoption is often profitable for birth mothers, and some open adoptions will allow you to keep track of your baby without the responsibility or expense of raising her.  Even abortion is a better option than killing your child once it’s born and leaving the body for someone else to find.   This Labor Day, make it your goal :  no unplanned pregnancy.   Save Labor Day for barbecues, workers, and people who plan for, want, and love their children.  Please?

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