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Mr. & Mrs. Andy Somora Got Tased – Twice

August 19, 2008 at 7:25 am by  

This article written and submitted by Dakota Valkyrie – thanks!

Pre-Taser newlyweds Andy Somora and Anna Pastuszwska

Lakeside, MI – Everyone knows how much planning goes into a typical wedding. One thing Andy Somora and Anna Pastuszwska probably didn’t include in their planning was a wedding night in separate holding cells after being shocked by tasers. They more than likely didn’t have the officers from 14 different police departments on the guest list either.
Rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck. And as luck would have it, it rained as over 100 guests huddled under umbrellas to watch Anna and Andy exchange vows in an outdoor ceremony. The lucky couple and guests then went to a local art gallery where the reception was to be held.

This is where the “luck” part of “rain on your wedding day” ran out. In what has been called an “alcohol feuled melee”, things started to get a little crazy. It came to a head when a guest tossed a metal lamp into a plate glass window. The gallery owner decided things had gone far enough. He did what he could and as a last resort called the local police… all one of them.

When the lone officer on duty that night arrived, the reception guests were told they had two options – leave immediately or face the possibility of being arrested. Many left but the remaining crowd became upset and more officers were called to the scene. Some guests began swearing at police and a few tried to engage the officers physically.

Understandably upset, the groom yelled a few choice words to the cops including that it was his wedding and they were making his wife cry. Guests attempted to hold back the angry groom and keep him from further mouthing off to the officers. They weren’t successful.

Officers doing what officers do when the peace has been broken, attempted to arrest the angry groom. Brides doing what brides do when their groom is being wrangled, rushed to his aid. Both were put to the ground and Andy was tasered. Because Anna was holding her new husband tight, she was shocked as well.

All in all, 14 police departments were at the art gallery to handle the crowd. The groom’s father, uncle, aunt and cousin also got arrested. The couple spent their wedding night with strangers in separate holding cells about 50 feet apart.

An experience to remember that Andy and Anna must have forgot. Two nights later they were again arrested – and again shocked by a taser – after a struggle with officers after they were called to investigate a 1 a.m. noise complaint at the home where the couple was staying. When the police arrived they heard glass breaking inside, and even saw Andy attack his new bride. Taser, Arrest, Repeat.

There go the cash gifts. The bride pleaded guilty and was fined $600. And so much for the honeymoon as the groom was hit with charges of resisting and obstructing police, a felony, and with disturbing the peace. He pleaded guilty and could face jail time when sentenced Sept. 15. Members of the groom’s family pleaded guilty and were each fined $450. One person was ordered to pay $75 for the broken lamp. No word if the gallery owner will continue to host receptions.

The happy couple, Post-Taser

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