Kelly Pecor Is A Puppy Pervert

July 16, 2008 at 10:44 am by  

Sacramento, CA – Kelly Wayne Pecor is a 45-year-old registered child sex offender living in Sacramento, California. Whereas Pecor has annoyed and molested children in the past, he has since turned to his sister’s 5-month-old bulldog, “Chateau”, for perverse puppy pleasure.  Looking like a stray mongrel, perhaps Pecor thought his attentions would be welcomed, or at least tolerated, and best reason of all, dogs don’t kiss and tell like pesky lil’ kids are wont to do.

Whether it was his first or hundredth time of giving the dog his bone,  Pecor got careless and swept up in the moment. He didn’t notice when his sister arrived home. Imagine her disgust when she walked into the room and found her brother sexually assaulting her precious puppy. I have to give the sister kudos for not tolerating a dog fucker, even if he is her brother. She put his scroungy ass under ‘citizens’ arrest and called the police. He is now behind bars facing a charge of sexual assault on an animal.

I hope that Kelly Pecor is now Big Bubba’s pet doggy, and I ain’t just a woofin’.

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