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Charges Reinstated Against 3 Necrophiles

July 10, 2008 at 10:02 am by  

Nicholas GrunkeWisconsin – Two years ago, when the site was a bit different, we posted an article about the three young men who attempted to dig up a corpse so one of them could have sex with it.

They were busted before being able to get the body out of the grave and arrested. Since this happened in Wisconsin, the appeals court upheld dismissal of charges against the three claiming there was no law against necrophilia.

But things have changed as the state Supreme Court is now stating that Wisconsin law makes sex acts with the dead illegal.

State law bans sexual intercourse with anyone who does not give consent whether the victim is dead or alive at the time. A reasonably well-informed person would understand the statute to prohibit sexual intercourse with a dead person.

Third-degree sexual assault charges have now been re-instated against the three and they are now facing up to 10 years in prison. Read on for the gruesome details.

Back in 2006, Nicholas Grunke, 22, saw the obituary of 20-year-old Laura Tennessen. She had died a week prior in a motorcycle accident.

Nicholas then enlisted the help of his twin brother, Alex and their friend 22-year-old Dustin Radke, to help in a plan that involved them digging up the corpse of Laura Tennessen so that Nicholas could have sex with her in a predetermined spot behind Grunke’s house.

Laura Tennessen

Laura Tennessen

So, on the night of 9/2/06, the three headed out to St. Charles Cemetery equipped with digging tools and a tarp. Along the way, they stopped at a Wal-Mart in Dodgeville where they bought condoms.

At some point during their activities in the cemetery, a Village of Cassville Police Officer was dispatched to the area to investigate a report of an unoccupied, suspicious vehicle.

When the officer arrived, he observed Alex Grunke walking toward the vehicle, dressed in black. He was also extremely nervous and sweating profusely.

After some questioning, Alex he confessed that there were two people in the cemetery digging up a corpse. When officers investigated, they found Laura Tennessen’s grave had been tampered with, the top of the vault that held the coffin being visible.

Nick and Dustin were nowhere to be found, but were arrested the following morning walking down the road 8 miles from the cemetery.

So, have fun in court Alex, Nick and Dustin. I hope this case drags on and on for you three creepy motherfuckers and I am more than happy to keep your three ugly faces right smack in the limelight. Just a shame that Laura’s family will have to deal with this on top of losing her. Fuck the three of you.


Here is the original preliminary hearing for the three idiots. This was when the defense was stating that there was no law against having sexual intercourse with human remains. You also learn that Nicholas Grunke has had some issues, including threatening to blow up his school.

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