Jeffrey Stone Killed For The Fun Of It

July 2, 2008 at 9:10 pm by  

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LITTLETON, Ala. – 15-year-old Jeffrey Stone went missing on March 24th of this year. His body has now been found in a freezer in a home not far from where he lived. 19-year-old Nathaniel Lee and 22-year-old Troy Smiley, both acquaintances of Stone, have been charged with is murder.  The reason these two assholes killed this kid? For the thrill.

Investigators state the murder had been planned for weeks, hatched purely to experience the rush of killing someone. The pair killed the teen and buried him in a shallow grave off a logging road. Sometime this week, investigators believe the body was dug up and placed in the freezer.As of right now, they are not sure why the body was moved, but I have my guesses. Some reports state that investigators were lead to the grave, which in turn led them to the home of Nathaniel Lee. Sounds if the cops were tipped off about the grave, and the two idiots were tipped off about that.

Lee and Smiley are being held without bond pending a 72-hour hearing at the Etowah County Detention Facility in Gadsden. The autopsy report has not been released yet, but reports are that Stone was shot, probably on the day he disappeared. The fact that these two are even sharing the same air I breathe makes me want to fucking puke.

Here is some video with the distraught mother and some investigators who are a bit shocked at what they have uncovered.


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