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Orange County, FL – That’s what Morris Williams said. Williams, 22, went to see Alisha Dean’s father, Jerry Dean, after several dates with Alisha. Alisha had told Morris Williams she was 18. Her Myspace (now edited and private) said she was 19 and divorced. But after having sex with Alisha, Williams got worried. Things she said and did tipped him off, and he went to see Jerry Dean, who told Williams that yeah, his daughter was only 13. Then Jerry Dean called the police to press charges.

What Morris Williams didn’t know was that he’s not the first guy that’s fallen for Alisha Dean. In January of 2007, Darwin Mills, 24, was sentenced to five years for sexual battery with the then-twelve-year-old Alisha as the victim. Mills said he didn’t know how old she was, either.

Morris Williams insisted that once he found out Alisha’s age, he never went back. But that didn’t save him in court on Tuesday, when he was sentenced to a year in jail, followed by five years of ankle-bracelet probation.

Alisha’s public Myspace is now down, but it wasn’t, even when the case went to court yesterday. The suggestive material was enough to make grown women blush. A couple of her videos show the minor child shaking her womanly booty like she’s working the pole. It’s totally believable to me that young men might not realize the girl’s age if she lied about it.

Furthermore, Jerry Dean openly admitted that Alisha continues to stay out late and hadn’t deleted the Myspace that listed her as an adult. Even now, her private page says she’s 16 – three years older than she really is.

Where the hell are Alisha’s parents? Why are they not controlling their daughter? It’s enough to make me wonder why Alisha is acting out in this way. Does she have a reason to hate men who sexualize her? Can a child her age even be fully cognizant of the havoc they can wreak on other lives?

Don’t get me wrong. Darwin Mills and Morris Williams should have checked it out first and hit it later. But Mills’ only other conviction is for driving on a suspended license, and Morris Williams didn’t have a Florida DOC record until now. We’re not talking hardened baby rapers here.

So what’s the answer? Lori Drew has been charged for essentially lying about her age and identity on a website resulting in harm to Megan Meier. Can’t the same charges be placed on a kid who let men go to jail without telling them her age? What about her parents, who are clearly unwilling to curtail her online and offline activities? Tell us what you think. Because in the age of Myspace, there is legal precedent being set and people’s lives are being affected.

Thanks to MomOf4, Nurseronda, and Dakota_Valkyrie!

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