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Broken Arrow, OK – Jean Mae Lewelling, 29, and her man Donald Wayne Collins, 38, have been arrested on charges of child endangerment and cruelty to animals. Police got a call on Tuesday to investigate the couple’s home outside Tulsa because frankly, it was nasty. The smell was wafting into the street, and flies were swarming around the house.

Inside the home, officers found out that gas masks are a good idea. Three children, ages 9, 8 and 6, were forced to sleep on a mattress in the living room with their parents because the family dogs had taken over the bedrooms. Animal feces were everywhere – on the children’s clothes, on their toys, all over the floors. The carpets were literally matted with dog shit where people and animals had walked in it and ground it into the crapets.. I mean carpets.

The kitchen was covered in filth, dried-on food and dirty dishes. Trash was piled on the floors and counters. And everywhere was dog shit. The police report says that “At the back bedroom, the dog feces was approximately 10- to 12-inches high stacked on top of numerous articles of clothing.”

Well, way to take care of your kids and housebreak the dogs, bitches. None of the six dogs and five cats at the residence had any food or water. The pets were taken by animal control; the children in the home were put into the custody of their grandmother.

Lewelling and Collins were taken to the Broken Arrow Municipal Jail to face child endangerment and animal cruelty charges. They are each being held on $29,000 bond.

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