Cat Cooked To Death In House Of Morons

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Continuing with this weeks theme of fucking up cats, we have another story in which a seven-month-old kitten was placed inside of an oven being used to heat a house. Some people are really pissed off about this one, and it seems as if some of the people involved are covering for the ones actually responsible. Initial reports are that a 2-year-old girl placed the kitten in the oven, but some are not so sure about that…especially since two drunken, teen-aged boys ran from the house when the Human Society arrived.

Karol Wilcox of the Human Society was called to the home of Tammy Lambert and Jenny Sieg to help rescue the kitten. She got there shortly after the burning kitten was pulled from the oven. “It was really awful, awful. The cat was seriously burned. It had to be screaming, you had to smell the cat. I smelled the cat when I arrived, I’m sure someone had to be aware,” Wilcox said.

She was told that the kitten belonged to the brother of Sieg, but Lambert’s daughter was the one who placed the cat in the oven. Aside from the fact that a 2-year-old girl was left unsupervised around an oven that was being used as a heater, Wilcox questioned how the little girl could physically put a frightened cat into a hot oven with no problems or scratches. But not surprisingly, the mother of the two boys, Sieg, is also blaming the 2-year-old girl. She stated that by time she heard the cat crying, it was too late to do anything. “When I went in and pulled her out she was crying in pain real bad,” Sieg stated.

Torturing an animal is a felony under Missouri law, and Wilcox says she won’t give up until she finds out who caused the kitten’s barbaric death. For reasons that are quite obvious, Sieg just wants to forget about it and focus on the pets she still has with her. Wilcox believes the two boys are responsible. Juvenile officers arrested them on alcohol possession charges, but Jenny Sieg say the boys were not drinking at her house.

Drunk teenagers, unsupervised toddlers, animal torture…hell, at the rate these people are going, they’ll have a kid making a suit of human skin in no time.

Thanks again, So Jaded.

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