Art Price Jr Loves Patio Furniture

March 28, 2008 at 11:34 pm by  

BELLEVUE – As longtime members of the site are fully aware, I have a certain relationship with furniture and, in certain situations, condone having sex with inanimate objects.

Art Price Jr. felt the same way and was observed by a neighbor, on four separate occasions, sexing up his patio table.

That’s right, the 40-year-old was observed and videotaped taking the table, turning it on its sexy side, and proceeding to use that pouty umbrella hole the way it was meant to be used.

Because he did this in broad daylight where children could see, something I don’t condone, Price is now facing felony charges. It seems as if he lived pretty close to a school and playground, and the law doesn’t look to favorably upon grown men being stark naked fucking a table where children may see.

So his four charges of public indecency, which are normally misdemeanors, were upgraded to felonies. There is also the fact that he is married with three school-aged children to consider. I sure hope that whore table was worth humiliating them.

Check out the following video where you can see the violated table.

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