True Crime: Why We Do What We Do

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The Dreamin’ Demon is a website that deals with true crime, but we are not one of those stuffy “true crime websites”. What’s the difference? you ask, because you are ever so curious. And here is where we’re gonna tell you.

We are devoted to exposing the asshats of the world, the idiots and cretins and rapists and murderers and wifebeaters and husband-killers and deerfuckers that cross our laptops every day. And they do. Every day. There are so many more stories than we can write up and publish – we post a few stories a day, but we could easily put up twenty if we didn’t have day jobs.

Our mission: Public Shaming. We believe that public shaming plays a vital role in curtailing unconscionable acts in society. We don’t put criminals in stocks in the center of town anymore. Maybe we should. The cockroaches of the world hate to have light shined on them, but by doing so, we are reminding other cockroaches that they, too, risk having their face in public for everyone’s pointing, laughing amusement. If even one person sees our website and becomes angry at us – angry enough NOT to shake a baby, or rape a child, or kill a parent – our job is done.

Part of shining a light on crime is to shine full sun, high wattage daylight on it. Get the bad angles. Show that double chin, that bad hair, that bloody condom of shame. We are not traditional journalists. We do not go to a train wreck site and report on “this tragic loss of life”, nodding our heads sympathetically. No! We get mad. We tell you about the body parts flying because some asshole pushed her kid out onto the tracks. We show you the bloody smears of tissue, the tears of pain on the face of the engineer, the Myspace page of the mom who lost her temper and her mind. That’s TRUE crime, honest crime, down and dirty crime.

Crimes against the innocent will continue unabated as long as crime is sanitized, names aren’t released, and everyone nods and smiles and says “what a tragedy.” You’re damn right it’s a tragedy. If we make you cry, make you mad, make you throw up in your mouth a little bit, and make you get involved and help a child or advocate for a crime victim, our mission is accomplished.

Perpetrator’s families hate us and find us about half the time or better. Phrases we hear a lot are:

“My (whoever) is not that kind of person and would never (insert heinous act here.)”

“You don’t know (whoever) like I know (whoever) and you don’t have all the facts because of (conspiracy, poor journalism, setup, etc.), so STFU and fuck off.”

“I demand that you take that (story, picture, Myspace link) down RIGHT NOW!”

“People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!” (Yes we can. So there.)

And our favorite: “Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?”

Note to world: This is not a courtroom. This is not America. This is the internet. Our information is taken from already published sources that are in the public domain, or from exclusive interviews. Our pictures are taken from verified public sources. And yes, your Myspace is public if you aren’t smart enough to lock it down. If there is probable cause to arrest you, there is probable cause for us to publish you, laugh at you, and shame you in public. If you don’t like it, don’t hurt a child. Don’t beat your spouse or your lover. Don’t make love to your neighbor’s dog. Don’t rape anyone, don’t kill anyone, and you won’t be featured here.

As one of our posters once said, “When I stomp my baby to death in my vermin-infested filthy house, then you can put me on the front page and say whatever you want, because I will deserve it.” We hope that will never happen. We hope that someday, there will be no need for our site and we can go back to talking about American Idol. But until that happens, we’re here, and we’re not leaving. Get used to us.

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