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Natasha Hall Said No; Clay Kufner Killed Her

February 18, 2008 at 7:52 pm by  

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DELAND, FL — Natasha Hall, 17, said no. She said it more than once. After breaking up with Clay Kufner last November, Natasha said “no” a lot. But Clay, 19, just kept coming around. And coming around. And calling. And coming around. And calling some more. His Myspace page says “I still looveee you”. Hers says “Natasha doesn’t get mad, she gets EVEN.” Several other Myspace pages showed Natasha and Clay kissing, looking the happy couple – until November of last year. Now, Natasha’s dead by Clay’s hand; Clay’s dead by his own. And their friends are united in a giant wave of “WTF”.

The breakup was nasty and incomplete. Natasha broke up with Clay last fall, but Clay didn’t think it was over. In fact, Natasha didn’t seem sure it was over. The 911 call logs make that pretty clear.

As far back as July 2007, Natasha’s mom called police, saying that Clay was stalking her daughter. In November, her mother called police again, this time saying that Clay was threatening to bang their door in and was on the porch, screaming threats into the house. In December, Natasha’s mom called police because Clay had gotten mad about an email and beat up Natasha – but Natasha and her mother decided not to press charges, and a police report wasn’t filed.

Two weeks later Natasha’s mother again called 911. She said that Clay was making numerous harassing phone calls to their home. Further, she said that Clay took Natasha to a McDonald’s to talk – Natasha wasn’t agreeable to a reconciliation, so Clay threw ice cream in her face, then chased her into a grocery store and forcefully carried her out. This time a police report was filed.

On January 12th this year cops responded to Natasha’s home after Natasha and her mother got in a fight. Natasha’s mother claims that Natasha was sneaking out to see – guess who – Clay. But not a week later, Clay punched Natasha in the face and split her lip, prompting another police call. Just a few days after that, Natasha called 911 herself, afraid. She said that Clay was banging on her doors and windows and screaming at her because she had gone to a party where there were boys. But on January 15, police allegedly told Natasha that if she kept calling, she’d be arrested along with Clay – so Natasha stopped calling for help.

On Friday, Clay broke into Natasha’s bedroom. There he found the “evidence” he was looking for – a Valentine from another boy.  So Clay went through the caller ID, called the new boyfriend and pretended to be a military recruiter. The new boyfriend then called Natasha to tell her that something was weird and Clay was in her house.  So Natasha and her friend Michelle went to the house.  Why?  I don’t know.

  The girls went into the house and Natasha called Clay out, but he wasn’t inside, so the girls decided to leave and go get some food.   As they were leaving at about 10:30 p.m.,  Clay appeared from around the side of the house, where he’d been lying in wait with a gun.   Michelle says that she opened the front door and yelled to warn Natasha, but Clay started shooting.

“He looked at me and said, “I’m going to fucking kill you. Get the fuck out of here,”Michelle said. “I was going crazy. I couldn’t breathe watching my best friend get shot. I couldn’t help her. I felt helpless and I couldn’t do anything for her.”

Clay shot Natasha in the head first, then yelled at Michelle, who ran.   Then he turned to Natasha again and calmly shot her in the chest.  Nice.  Then Clay shot himself next to his unrequited love.  If there’s an afterlife and Clay is in it, Natasha is going to be severely pissed off.

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