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Here, Now — As some of you may know already, the site does have a message board. It is seperate from our WordPress blog and requires a seperate registration, but it does have a lot to offer to make it worth your while. It has been restructured to be geared more towards you true crime loving people like myself. It is also set up for you like-minded people to discuss just about anything under the sun. There is also a chat room (which some of you horny people used last night) and some other features you may be interested in EVEN IF you do not plan on using it 100 percent. So do yourself a big favor, and read on…

We now have a section in the forums designed specifically for you, the reader, to submit you own articles that you would like to see covered. We are always looking for people to help out with the site, so if you would like to see your story on the front page, show us what you can do. But if you simply want us to be aware of a story, that is fine by us. Simply post a link with a brief summary and me or Imp may write it up for the front page. But that’s not all, we also have a section for missing persons we may have missed, and a section for you guys to post something we don’t put on the front page, and that is crime outside the US. In fact, if it is crime related, I think we have a section for it. This includes an entire section dedicated to Crime in Entertainment.

That’s it. Any more information yo may want about the forums can be found inside them. There is just too much stuff to put all in this post. We are looking for a couple people who are familiar with forums such as ours, to help out with it. Use the Contact Form if you may be interested. So, hope to see you there, even if you just plan on lurking. If you have ANY questions regarding the forums, feel free to ask me here, email me or Imp or even use the Shoutbox inside. So come on and sign up. It’s painless, fun, and can make parts of your anatomy bigger. Just ask the members who have been using it for years.

We have a few things in store for the site, so be sure to stick around as I think you are gonna like them. Also…you wont get this much from me, at least not by way of verbal, but thanks to all of you new people who make this front page interesting, and all you forum rats, Shout Box Whores and Chat Room Horndogs that have kept things limping along as well. You guys using these things are what fuel us to keep it going. But I’ll never admit to saying that again, as I will just say someone else typed it. I am in too much love with myself to actually like anyone else.

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