Severino Cruz Does Not Watch “Dog Whisperer”

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Plainville, Conn. (January 15, 2008) – When his brother’s pet pit bull bit Severino Cruz’ eight-year-old son last Sunday, Cruz found a new and inventive way to attain pack leadership. In a non-Cesar Millan-endorsed training technique, he drilled holes in the dog’s head.

Severino’s brother Enrique Cruz was, you guessed it, babysitting for his nephew Nick. The pit bull, named Baby, managed to escape from a locked cage in the basement and bit the child in the arm. Uncle Enrique called Severino Cruz at work to let him know what had happened. While Nick Cruz was at the hospital being checked out, Severino went to his brother’s home, found Baby back in the cage, and trepanned the heck out of his skull with a power drill.

After drilling some twelve holes into the dog’s head, Severino went to the hospital, where his son was being released with only a minor bite.

Officers arriving at Enrique Cruz’s home found horrible sanitary conditions. They also found Baby, 3, bleeding profusely in a corner of the cage. Also in the cage was a four month old puppy. Both dogs were malnourished, unlicensed, and neither had been given basic veterinary care.

Both brothers are facing animal cruelty charges. Enrique is out on $10,000 bail. Severino remains in jail in lieu of $25,000 bond.

Baby was euthanized later in the day, and the puppy is in the care of Animal Control and will be placed for adoption. Nick Cruz, the bitten 8-year-old, was returned home.

UPDATE 5/23/08 – Severino Cruz didn’t show up in court for his hearing May 22. He couldn’t. He was deported to Mexico on May 15. Cruz, who had been in the US for some years, will be prosecuted for the dog-drilling crime if he is caught in the US again.

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