Dead Deer Lover Back In Jail

January 7, 2008 at 11:41 pm by  

Wisconsin — I’m a little buzzed and decided to listen to Ozzy’s Dairy of a Madman, so I figured I throw a couple more stories out there for you guys tonight. Starting with this guy. You all may remember Bryan James Hathaway from back when we posted about him sometime last year. If not, no worries. In a nutshell, Hathaway is a sick, sick man who also has a fascination with dead animals. He likes to fuck them. Shortly after being released from jail for the 2005 killing of a horse named Bambrick to have sex with it, he came across a dead deer in a ditch. Literally. Looking a dead deer in the mouth, he proceeded to drop his drawers and have sex with it right there in the dirt.

This story garnered a lot of attention, not just because of the Dead Deer Fucker’s nasty actions, but also because they really didn’t know how to charge the guy. As sick as the act may seem, a dead deer is an inanimate object. I mean, I have no plans on giving my toaster-oven oral, but I don’t necessarily want to go to jail for it if I ever do. It’s a victimless crime more or less. Also, while it is illegal to have sex with an animal in Wisconsin, the law said nothing about an animal’s corpse. Hathaway eventually pleaded no contest to a charge of misdemeanor mistreatment of an animal. He was sentenced to six months probation and ordered to be evaluated as a sex offender and treated at the Institute for Psychological and Sexual Health in Duluth, Minnesota.

Well this guy just cannot stay out of the news. He has now been sent to jail for 8 months after having his probation revoked. He is accused of violating the terms of his probation by using alcohol and marijuana, lying to his probation agent, and having unapproved contact with a minor child and sexual relations with another adult. Can you imagine what is going through the head of that other adult if they did not know about Hathaway’s past? A dead deer’s ass has to be the LAST place a man\woman is thinking a guy would have previously placed his dick. I mean, the only way I could imagine my dick being inside the carcass of a dead dear would be if I was naked in the snow, about to die, and found the carcass of a deer I had to split open to crawl inside to stay warm. And even then I’d be hesitant.

Bryan James Hathaway is a true deviant, no question. I am not defending his actions, but I am just curious what the rest of you think in regards to him being charged with a crime. Is it because the animal used to be alive? What if I have a sexy grizzly bear stuffed and mounted and I decide to have my way with it, should I be charged as well? I dunno, help me out here. I’m on the fence with this one. If it is illegal to have sex with an animal carcass, should there be a stage of decay before it is deemed NOT illegal? What if it is just bones? Or a nice bear skin rug in a fancy hotel? What about a thawed Butterball turkey? What’s the difference? Let’s take a poll, and while we await the results, I got a naughty toaster-oven to take care of. It’s been eyeing me the entire time I typed this up.

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