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Justin Hawkins Was A Whiney Asshole

November 29, 2007 at 1:55 pm by  

This is an update to the Greenspoint Mall shooting article from yesterday.

Justing Hawkins set at a fire at his office at AT&T Solutions before he went to Greenspoint Mall Tuesday and saw Joanna Gonzalez, 20, open the Body Luxuries store. She was on the phone with her boss when Hawkins came at her with a gun.

She just kept repeating, please don’t hurt me, please don’t hurt me,” said store owner Sonya Hill. “And I started screaming Jo, what’s going on?

Hill called Mall security. But they backed off when Hawkins dragged Gonzalez to the back of the store with a gun to her head. Police feel he took her to a back room to sexually assault her, as she was found only wearing a bra and panties. The sexual assualt didn’t happened, police say, but Hawkins did shoot her in the head. He then used the gun on himself. While in the store, Hawkins called his ex-wife who lives in Ohio:

I pretty much miss you and I wish I would have actually stayed with you,” Hawkins said on the tape. “Yes, this is a farewell type phone call. Unfortunately, I never thought I would be in this position, but I am. So, I guess if you watch the Houston news, you’ll see me. So, I’ll, I guess I’ll talk you later. Well, I won’t talk to you later. I’ll see you either in heaven or on earth. Tell my family I love them.

He also whined about feeling like an outcast, wishing his family had supported him more, and that he wished he had met his real father. Way to suck it up there, pal. In any event, the initial reports of this being a boyfriend\girlfriend issue were incorrect. Justin picked this poor girl at random (well, he probably picked her because she was hot) and they did not know each other.

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