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Tiffany Hecker Murders Newborn Son In Toilet

November 27, 2007 at 4:39 pm by  

Tiffany Hecker, 19, states she thought she may have been pregant, but wasn’t sure. She found out when she gave birth to Jeremy Lee Davidson while on the toilet at her parents house. She took the baby out of the toilet, held it for a little while, then promptly placed the infant back in the toilet so she could release the placenta on top of it. She then took the boy back out of the toilet and placed it on some towels on the floor and told her mother. Her mother then told her to throw it in the trash. That’s right, she was told by her mother to throw the baby in the trash. Hecker did as she was instructed.

But Hecker stated that this wasn’t right and retrieved both the baby and the placenta, placed them in the trunk of the family car and drove to a Chandler hospital, where staff called police. An autopsy of the infant’s body determined Jeremy was born alive and had not died naturally; the baby’s death was ruled a homicide. Hecker was arrested Tuesday morning on suspicion of second-degree murder and child abuse. Bond has not been set.

Dunno what to think about this one. What she did was wrong, but she truly seems to have wanted to do the right thing but was just to scared, confused and misguided to figure out what the right thing was until it was too late.

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