Manhunt 2 Hands On Previews

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Manhunt 2 Hands On Previews

Even if you are not a gamer, you have probably heard the news that Manhunt 2, the sequel to Take-Two’s Manhunt, has been banned in the UK and rated Adults only here in the US. The Adult Only rating ensures that it will not be on store shelves. The violence is supposedly too much for anyone to possibly handle. But hands-on previews have been posted on the web as of late, and while none of the previewers are saying that the game is not extremely violent, they all state that it is tame compared to the levels of violence in the latest R rated horror films currently showing on the big screen.

“The game’s violence and gore, which have become the mother of all lightning rods for the title, are in full effect. But, while they’ve been ramped up from the original game, they’re not exactly going to wreck Western civilization any more than, say, the Saw and Hostel movies–or just about any other of the slasher flicks that come in and out of vogue. What we saw was graphic for sure, and given a slightly unsettling twist by the interactivity offered by the Wii game, but ultimately it’s nothing we haven’t seen before in other games, movies, or even some television.”

“Manhunt 2 is Rockstar’s darkest, most disturbing game yet. It’s a menacing vision of paranoia and terror mixed with blood-spattered ultra-violence, and for that reason it’s a game that will certainly catch the eye of bandwagon-jumping politicians looking for a scapegoat for the latest real-world killing. But that’s not why Manhunt 2 should steal the headlines – the fact it’s Rockstar’s most intelligent, incisive work to date is, in our opinion, a much bigger story.”

And one of the better articles was from the NY Times:

“I did not find Manhunt 2 particularly frightening or sickening, more like a violent interactive cartoon. Banning the original version of Manhunt 2 may be a good way to demonstrate that the industry can police itself. Side by side, though, movies seem to be way ahead of games in delivering top-notch gore.”
Seth Schiesel – NY Times

So what does this mean for the gaming business? Hell if I know. But it is an interesting topic. Why should games be held to a different standard than movies in regards to the ratings the receive and how to ensure 10-year-old Johnny doesn’t get his hands on games that were specifically geared towards adults.

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