Deputies said a Tennessee man rammed his car into a Greer convenience store Friday morning in an effort to get to his wife, who had locked herself in a bathroom.

Jennifer Faler came into the Sunoco gas station at around She was bleeding and her eyes were swollen. She told the clerk that her husband had beaten her and to call 911. Her husband, Mark Faler, 26, was outside by their car waiting to pump gas. When his wife did not come out, he went inside threatening to kill his wife. EMS workers then arrived and were able to separate the two with Jennifer locking herself into the bathroom and Mark going outside to his car.

It is at this point that authorities state that Mark then drove his vehicle through the wall of the Sunoco near the spot the bathrooms are located. Jennifer was taken to the hospital and is in fair condition, while Mark is in custody charged with assault and battery with intent to kill, assault with intent to kill and malicious injury to property.

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