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What the fuck am I doing? Well, I am bored with the site. It has become cluttered and after two years, still has no direction. So for now, we are embarking on an actual course. We have no clue what that course is, but goddamn it, we are getting on one. For starters, we will be a WordPress site. Secondly, the old forum will go bye-bye and we will either be using vBulleting or a new PHPBB based. Lastly, I will need a staff of people to help contribute content with absolutely no pay, no perks and absolutely no gratitude from anyone who decides to visit.

As of now, the old forums are being backed up and kinda off-line. This will only be for a day or two while I get the new forums back up and running. This may mean starting over. I had a slew of add-ons that are going to make importing the old users into the new forum a real bitch…but we will see.

So stay tuned as we start to shake shit up a bit around here. If you feel like participating, just shoot me an email.

We are also trying to decide what forum software to go with. Either bbPress or vBulletin. If we go with vBulleting, it will mean that the comment section on this front page will work independently from the forums (a user will have two accounts. One for the comments and one for the forums) unless we install some type of bridge between the two programs.

Either way, be patient while we try to squash the bugs that we are currently experiencing in regards to the bbPress forum as well as the comments section not working right for some users.

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