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The Dreamin’ Demon Wants You…

July 6, 2009 at 4:09 pm by  

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We are looking for content providers who would like to join the staff of this big pile of steaming goodness. News, movies, books, television, music. No media is off-limits, although we are mainly looking for daily news providers. If you think you are game, and got a handle on the feel of the site, do the following:

Get yourself a Gravatar

Get yourself a Disqus account if you want to comment on articles

Get yourself a forum account this is entirely optional, but a great way to communicate with die-hard DD fans.

– After all that has been completed, send your stories using our Contact Form or email them to admin AT dreamindemon DOT com with a subject line STORY SUBMISSION and including the username you want articles to be listed under..

Just remember, above spelling and grammar, make sure the subject matter is interesting. D’D readers are a particular lot who expect the horrific and the bizarre. We’d rather have a badly written article about a man who cut off his own head with a chainsaw than a well written article about a man who robbed a liquor store. At least the former can be edited instead of ignored.

We don’t post every submission we get for various reasons (like, it sucked) and we often edit the ones we do, so if that thought makes your butt hurt, don’t even bother submitting anything. But if you are an arrogant glutton for punishment, your stories will be read by thousands and you’ll be able to tell your friends and family you don’t sit on your ass all day doing nothing productive.



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