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WHITTIER, CA – One woman is dead and a child is in critical condition after a tree fell on them as they posed for wedding pictures.

It happened Saturday afternoon at Whittier’s Penn Park as a bridal party had gathered near a 100-foot eucalyptus tree to take a group photo.

For reasons currently being investigated, the tree fell over and trapped up to 20 people. One person, currently being reported as the mother of the bride, was killed.

Gilbert Duran posted on Facebook that he helped pull the woman from under the tree, saying he was pretty sure she was already dead.

“They’re taking pictures under this tree and all of a sudden it jut collapsed,” Duran said. “We just watched some little kids go flat underneath that tree.”

Five other people suffered minor and moderate injuries, including a 4-year-old girl who was reportedly in critical condition due to a head injury.

Why the tree fell is unknown at this time, but officials said it probably the California drought could have weakened the 50-year-old tree.…

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