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Phoenix, AZ — Thurman McGriff was taken into custody Saturday after witnesses say he received or pretended to receive a blowjob from a puppy.

Police initially responded to the area in response to a report that a man was exposing himself in public. And after interviewing a couple of witnesses, an adult and a 9-year-old boy, learned that McGriff, 54, may or may not have used a puppy’s mouth to pleasure himself.

Both witnesses reportedly told police they saw McGriff expose himself while holding the puppy, claiming that, at one point, the man used, or acted like he was using, his new puppy’s mouth to pleasure himself.

When McGriff realized the young’un was watching him, he reportedly threatened to do the same thing to him if he didn’t stop staring.

McGriff was booked into jail on one count of indecent exposure, one count of bestiality and one count of sexual indecency with an animal.…

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