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Middletown, PA — A 41-year-old woman was arrested after police say she choked and beat her 13-year-old daughter because she had the audacity to recite a few bible verses incorrectly.

It appears as if someone is channeling Margaret White….

The child told police her mom, Rhonda Kemp Shoffner, who had been on a three day bender, ordered her to call multiple family members on the afternoon of March 14. When no one answered the child’s calls, Shoffner ordered her into the bathroom and demanded that the child get on her knees.

At that point, the girl said, she knew she was in for a beating. But no amount of begging or pleading helped.

Shoffner began reciting bible verses and expected the girl to repeat them, verbatim.

Shoffner asked her child, “What did God tell the man to do with his son?”

When the girl said she didn’t know, Shoffner said, “God told the man to kill his son.”

Instead, the girl said, “God said to forgive his son,” and Shoffner grabbed her by the hair and slammed her head into the wall, police said.…

P. Simon JamrozikUpper Darby, PA — An Upper Darby man is behind bars for allegedly luring a 12-year-old boy into his home and tickling the child’s feet. Among other weird stuff…

According to police, the boy was walking home from school Monday, when the alleged tickler, 63-year-old P. “Pat” Simon Jamrozik, told the boy to go inside the home he shared with his sister.

Once inside the home, Jamrozik reportedly demanded the boy remove his socks and shoes and lay on the couch. He then sprayed the boy’s feet with some sort of anti-fungal crap and started in with the rubbin’ and the tickling. This, police say, was done as Jamrozik massaged his own package.

After he’d had his fill of that nasty business, Jamrozik directed the boy to lay down on the kitchen table and lift his shirt so he could perform an ear, nose and throat exam.

“He started feeling the boy’s back, chest and stomach with his hand and used a stethoscope to listen to his heart,” reported Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood. …

Man Stabbed For Slapping Sunburned Butt

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Bethlehem, PA – Tiffany E. Sherry, 24, is charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, terroristic threats and harassment after allegedly stabbing her boyfriend, Michael Martinez, with whom she shares two children.

The stabbing was reportedly a response to Martinez smacking Sherry’s sunburned rump as she washed dishes in their home on Monday.  Martinez told police that he meant it as a “joke,” since he knew it would sting a bit, but it became apparent that only one of them found it amusing when Sherry allegedly began threatening him with a steak knife.

Martinez says that he backed into the living room where their two children were and asked her, “What are you going to do?  Stab me in front of the children?”  That was a good question, for which Sherry had an excellent answer.  She simply asked the children to leave the room.

Once they were gone, Sherry reportedly poked Martinez in the stomach with the knife…then in the shoulder…and when he turned to get away, the back.

Something tells me there was a little more to this story than just a sunburned ass sustaining a playful slap.…

Dupont, PA – Tiffany Ann Horner, 33, was arraigned on Thursday at Wilkes-Barre Central Court on charges that she attempted to disarm a police officer who was investigating a disturbance outside Bobby O’s restaurant on May 11th.

Police arrived at her residence following a call to police about the unusual goings-on at the aforementioned restaurant.  No word on what that disturbance was, but I’m betting it was something good based solely on subsequent acts performed by the inimitable Ms. Horner.

When police arrived, they say she immediately began taunting them, which I’ve found is always the best way to ensure that everything is going to work out a-okay.  The verbal taunting wasn’t enough for Ms. Horner, apparently, because she then reportedly proceeded to strip completely naked and drop a growler right on the floor.  I’m guessing the officers were kind of okay with all this, but Ms. Horner’s a firecracker, people, and she crossed the line by allegedly attempting to throw her bakery-fresh fecal matter at them.  Personally, I think she’s probably a nice girl with a slightly unhealthy GG Allin obsession; or maybe she’s just in touch with her inner German.…

Bethlehem, PA — A 27-year-old man is facing multiple charges after police say he tried to abduct a woman at gunpoint earlier this week.

According to police, Michael Arce approached the woman, identified as 42-year-old Sarah Brenner, as she was jogging Wednesday afternoon. Brenner told police Arce stepped in front of her and said, “I want to ask you something.” She said she got scared and tried to go around him, but Arce pulled out a gun and grabbed her arm.

Brenner reported that when she screamed for help, Arce said, “Don’t make a fuss or I will kill you.” She said he then put her in the back seat of his BMW and hit the child-safety lock as he got into the front seat.

It was right about then that Arce’s wife, Ana Arce, pulled up next to his vehicle and questioned him about the woman in the back seat. Arce reportedly told his wife that he was simply giving Brenner a ride, police said, and unlocked the back door to let Brenner out.…

St. Paul, MN — The jury that convicted Luke Brandon Scott, 29, on two counts of assault, making terroristic threats and false imprisonment decided Tuesday that there were aggravating factors involved in the crimes.

The charges for which Scott was found guilty resulted from his mistreatment of Caitlin Hodges the night of Sept. 26 and early Sept. 27. He was charged with two counts of kidnapping but was found not guilty of those charges.

Luke Brandon Scott, 29, offered no visible reaction as the convictions were read.

During closing arguments, prosecuting attorney Janice Barker said Hodges told Scott she no longer wanted to be intimate with him. Scott got angry and refused to let her leave his house, Barker said.

Hodges testified at trial that Scott smashed her teeth with a wine bottle, beat her, pointed a pellet gun at her head, threatened her with a knife and locked her in a dog kennel. Barker also described how Scott made her mop up spilled beer with her hair, dragged her by the hair, wrapped his arm around her throat, kicked her, hit her with a riding crop, and threw his own dog against a refrigerator.…

Dover, DE — Brian Manlove, 36, was charged Wednesday with robbery, terroristic threatening, disorderly conduct and trespassing.

The charges resulted from Manlove entering a 7-Eleven and handing the clerk a note which said “This is a robbery.” The clerk handed the man packs of cigarettes. A brief argument started when the clerk refused to return the robbery note. Manlove reportedly gave up and fled.

It turns out that Manlove’s note was written on the back of paperwork issued by the state Delaware Department of Corrections with Bruce Manlove’s name written on it, police said.

Police said that when officers responding to the call stopped the suspect a few blocks away, he was carrying 17 packs of Newport cigarettes.

“There are times when defendants make our jobs very easy, and this was one of those times,” said Capt. Tim Stump, Dover Police spokesman.

Manlove had been released from DOC custody on April 11. He is currrently being held in the Vaughn Correctional Center after failing to post $6,500 bail.…

Police: Man Beat Elderly Mother With Flashlight

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Hesperia, California — Jerry Wayne Baker doesn’t want to pay rent. In fact, when his 73-year-old mother asked him to begin paying for the roof over his head, Baker made sure his mother knew he was not going to pay her a penny.

According to police, the 50-year-old man brutally beat his elderly mother with a flashlight. He seemed to focus the beatings on her arms and then threatened to break her hands so she could no longer play the piano. During the attack, police say he also tried to choke the woman.

Baker was arrested on Wednesday morning on suspicion of elder abuse and making terrorist threats after deputies were called out to St. Mary Medical Center on Tuesday night where the victim was recovering from the alleged beating.

Baker may get his wish: he won’t have to pay rent in jail… at least not a monetary value anyway.…

Hephzibah, GA — About six months ago, 91-year-old Dorothy Lockwood demanded that her 21-year-old grandson, Theodore Lockett, pack his crap and move out. At about 10:00 Saturday night, police say Lockett returned to his elderly grandmother’s home, confronted her in the living room, and proceeded to beat the life out of her with a glass coffee table. After bashing the woman in the head several times, Lockett reportedly called his mother and told her that he had just killed his grandma and she was next on his list. He then allegedly grabbed a microwave oven and assaulted Dorothy again, striking her repeatedly with the appliance. When police arrived on scene, Lockett was found inside the home and was arrested without incident. Also inside the home, a bedridden relative for whom Lockwood was caring for – she was unharmed. Dorothy died of her injuries early Sunday morning. According to Richmond County sheriff’s Sgt. Daniel C. Carrier, authorities are unsure why Lockett flew into such a rage – he has been treated at a behavioral health facility, but has no known psychiatric diagnosis.…

Waseca, MN — You know, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen someone rock a greasy mullet as magnificently as Terry Allen Lester. That, the crazy-eyed stare, and the fact that he planned on blowing up one of his ex-girlfriends with a vibrator bomb has earned him a permanent spot here at the Dreamin’ Demon. Congrats, Terry…here’s your 15 minutes. Police were informed of Terry’s ingenious exploding vibrator plan by two females, who up until last week were his roommates. When Terry was kicked to the curb, he inadvertently left some of his belongings behind – amid those items, a Coffee Mate container with the words “Christmas Gifts” written on the lid. Inside the container, a modified black vibrator that had been filled with BB’s, buck shot and gunpowder. Attached to the device were black and red wires that connected to a trigger with a battery port, but no battery. Even before the discovery of the device, Terry had reportedly informed one of the women he intended to give the vibrator to one of three ex-girlfriends because their relationship had ended on a bad note.…

Houston – Taylor Trostle is a 13-year-old student at Bleyl Middle School who wore a NYPD t-shirt to school recently. At the end of math class, she and some of her friends pretended to be cops with Trostle complementing the activity with the tried and true method of using the “Pew! Pew!” finger gun (I would have used “Pow! Pow!” but if you watch the video, she clearly used the “Pew! Pew!” technique…probably because she is a girl). She claims she was “shooting” markers on the board at the front of the class, but her teacher sent her to the principal’s office where Trostle was charged with…ready for it? Making terroristic threats. The teacher says that the finger gun was aimed at her and she was in fear for her life. According to Cy-Fair ISD’s code of conduct, a terroristic threat is a level four violation, which is on par with assault, public lewdness, or selling alcohol or drugs at school. Since the charge falls under the zero tolerance policy, the honor role student was suspended for three days, has one hell of a mark on her school record and is being harassed by her schoolmates.…

Police: Girl, 15, Sold Sister, 7, For Sex

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Trenton, NJ – A 15-year-old girl has been arrested and charged with aggravated sexual assault, criminal restraint, terroristic threats, endangering the welfare of a child, and promoting prostitution after she allegedly sold her 7-year-old sister to a group of boys at a party. The teen and her sibling left home late Sunday afternoon, and after speaking with a couple of males outside of an apartment building, headed to a party inside. Once inside, the teen accepted money for sex acts with several people inside the residence. As she headed for the bedroom, her younger sister was left alone in a room full of strangers. When she returned, the teen handed her sister a handful of cash and told her the money was hers if she allowed the boys in the room to have sex with her. The 7-year-old was then gang-raped by as many as 7 males, both adults and juveniles. After the assault, two unidentified people took the young girl home while the older girl stayed behind to party.…

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