Audrey Carey, 23, Found Dead Bludgeoned To Death In Golden Gate ParkMan Accused Of Abusing 4-year-old Autistic Boy, Pulling Out Three Of His TeethMom Investigated After Making Son Wear Tutu, Paraded Him Inside WalmartWoman With CPL Shoots At Shoplifting Suspect At Home DepotGloria Drummer Accused Of Stabbing Random Woman In Head WIth Butcher KnifeBoy, 11, Charged With Murder After Shooting 8-year-old Girl Over PuppyHeather Phillips, 40, Accused Of Having Sex With Daughter's Ex-Boyfriend, 15Christina Balazi Stabbed Husband Multiple Times After He Said Another Woman's Name During SexPolice Confirm 15 Dead After Gunman Opens Fire At Umpqua Community CollegeAlicia Goemaat Accused Of Kicking Her Boyfriend's 17-month-old Son To Death

Boulder, CO — A Boulder High School teacher has been arrested after two women say he purposely exposed his genitals to them while shopping at two different garage sales.

According to police, Jim Kozlowski was at a garage sale Saturday morning when he employed a horribly ineffective ice-breaker. According to Commander Jeff Satur, Kozlowski intentionally exposed his twig and berries as they both shopped at a garage sale. “The victim said the suspect knelt down near some clothes, with his right knee on the ground and his left knee bent, with his left foot on the ground,” said Satur. “He asked the victim about the clothes, and then he pulled his shorts away from his leg with his left hand so his genitals were exposed through the left leg opening.”

Sure, Kozlowski’s peek-a-boo could have just been accidental, but police say after he left that garage sale his pork sword was spotted at another garage sale a block away. This time a woman stated Kozlowski repeated the same actions as before.…

CLAYTON, MO — If only all criminals were as stupid as Mr. Donald Ingerson. The 67-year-old, long-time St. Louis teacher has been charged with rape and statutory sodomy after he confessed to sexually assaulting two girls, believing that the statute of limitations had expired on the crimes.

Ingerson worked in five or six districts in Missouri County between 1960 and 1990.  He called the St Louis County Prosecutors office on June 4 to inform them he had sexually assaulted two high school girls, aged around 15 years old. One of these occurrence happened in 1974, the other in 1995.

‘This is the first time we’ve had someone contact our office and say, `I want to talk about what I did,’ said St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch.

What was the motive behind Ingerson confessing to his crimes? Perhaps he felt guilty.  Maybe he wanted to make amends before he died. Who knows, really? Whatever the reasons, Ingerson only confessed because the statute of limitations is 30 years and thought he could do so without suffering any legal repercussions.  …

Laredo, TX —  The mother of a 6-year-old child says a teacher instructed an entire classroom of kindergartners to line up and slap her son because of his alleged bullying. Now two Salinas Elementary School teachers have been placed on leave, and the mother of the boy wants criminal charges filed.

The incident happened in May, but the boy never told his mother about it. It only came to light after one of the teachers present alerted school officials two weeks after it happened, and after a police report of the incident reached the county district attorney.

There’s two versions of what happened, neither of which are acceptable, but the mother’s version is a bit more extreme while the teacher’s version is a bit more believable.

According to the mother, her son admits he had been acting up in line. His teacher, described as “relatively young,” asked another teacher what she should do to curtail his bullying. The other teacher took the boy into her classroom and had him sit down before instructing 24 other kindergartners to file past him and give him a nice slap.…

Montreal, CA — A Montreal area teacher has been suspended with pay after showing the infamous 1 Lunatic, 1 Ice Pick video.

The video, which allegedly shows the murder of Jun Lin, is probably not part of the approved curriculum for high-school students, but one unnamed teacher is obviously a real free spirit.  To his credit, he did ask for a show of hands before showing the video, so that makes it okay, right?

The video, which was circulated on the Internet before the murder of Lin was discovered, shows the killer stabbing and dismembering the body of Jun Lin, a Chinese exchange student, and then proceeding to sexually violate and cannibalize the corpse.

Parents and administrators are understandably outraged that the teacher felt this was appropriate for high-school students.  The Commission Scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys (the school board responsible for the area) released a statement on Wednesday stating, “we condemn with one voice the actions of the teacher who showed students a video whose content was as inappropriate as it was offensive,” and assured the media that “the incident is being taken very seriously.”

Quebec Education Minister Michelle Courchesne stated “It displays a total lack of judgement” on behalf of the teacher and called the incident “frightening.”  The teacher has since apologized to the school via email. …

Modesto, CA – A California teacher who made national headlines for leaving his wife and three children for a teen student, has been accused of sexually abusing a different teenage girl that he taught in 1998.

Jordan Powers, 18, quit school to move in with her teacher James Hooker, 41, has now dumped him following his arrest for alleged sexual misconduct with another student. Jordan, who last February defended their odd pairing on national news, now fears there may be more students

“My heart dropped. I felt betrayed. I just have a gut feeling there are other girls,” Powers said, according to the ABC News interview. She went on to say, “He called me from jail and, yes, I told him that we’re done. I lost everything for this guy. I lost my senior year. I gave up all my friends at high school because they didn’t agree with me.”

Jordan’s mother, Tammie Powers, is pushing for a bill in California that would make it a felony for a public school teacher to date a student in the same school, regardless of age, even if the student is 18.…

Brooklyn, NY – A teacher’s aid has been arrested after he allegedly videotaped himself spanking a child and fondling another — in a public school classroom.

FBI agents arrested 40-year-old Taleek Brooks after a computer and two external hard drives seized from his home were found to contain child porn. Brooks became the target of a child porn sting after he traded some child porn images with an undercover police officer online. But turns out Brooks was doing more than just trading child porn, the sicko was also creating it.

Two of the videos retrieved were taken in a classroom at Weeksville School where Brooks has worked since 1995. According to the complaint, one was of Brooks fondling a child’s genitals and another was of him spanking a naked child. Investigators believe the videos were shot sometime between January 2008 and January 2011.

The complaint also states that Brooks “admitted that he had been downloading and sharing child pornography for approximately seven years.” He also “indicated that he had collected and saved over 1,000 digital files on his computer containing child pornography.”

The Department of Education released a letter telling Weeksville School  parents to call a confidential FBI hotline, 212-384-2700, if they have any information relevant to the investigation or believe that one of their children may have been victimized by Brooks.…

GUTHRIE, Okla. — An Oklahoma couple have been arrested and charged with child neglect after one of their kids showed up to school with a marijuana pipe in its diaper.

The child’s parents, Jessica and Jesse Renaker, were subsequently arrested and charged with child neglect and drug possession after police showed up to their filthy home and found over an ounce of marijuana, a loaded .380-caliber handgun and four marijuana pipes within easy reach of the couple’s two children.

If convicted, they face anywhere from a $5,000 fine to  life in prison. They have since been released from jail on $52,000 each. No word on how these charges mess with Jessica’s professions as a certified early childhood education instructor for the Head Start program.

For those of you unaware, the Head Start program provides comprehensive education, health, nutrition, and parent involvement services to low-income children and their families. Basically, it is supposed to give poor kids a leg-up before entering into regular school in hopes of better test grades.

It costs taxpayers $7 billion a year and after 45 years of operations, studies show that it simply doesn’t work.…

Radnor, PA — A teacher at Presbyterian Children’s Village, a school that caters to children victims of violence, neglect and other serious conditions, was arrested last week after another school employee witnessed him sockin’ a female student in the face.

According to police, on January 23, 41-year-old Richard Little requested help from an on-duty supervisor at the center for help with a student who was throwing chalk at him. When the supervisor entered the classroom, he saw chalk on the floor and told Little to leave the room.

The supervisor told police Little then grabbed the girl, dragged her into the hallway and began punching her in the face, causing her to bleed. Other staff members intervened and Little was escorted out of the building.

Both Little and the student were transported to the hospital for treatment. The extent of the girl’s injuries are unknown, but police say Little’s hands and fingers had blood and teeth marks indicative of punching someone in face.

Little posted $100,000 bail after being arraigned on charges that included aggravated assault, simple assault and reckless endangerment.…

Kissimmee, FL — Lillian Gomez, a special needs teacher at Sunrise Elementary, may soon be standing in the unemployment line for allegedly sprinkling hot sauce on the crayons in her classroom in order to prevent her autistic students from snacking on ’em.

Two of the children involved were apparently so traumatized by the whole thing, they refused to even touch a crayon for weeks.

“I was really upset. I couldn’t believe it. Honestly, I was like how can a teacher of so many years do something like that,” said family member Karina Holguin. “They got to be traumatized, especially for a kid who can’t express himself like any other children that can tell you this hurts or doesn’t hurt.”

When school administrators learned of the alleged incident in October, Gomez, a 12-year veteran with the district, was removed from the classroom and suspended. With pay, of course. The superintendent is now requesting Gomez be terminated. Figuratively, mind you. An employee termination hearing has been set for February 7.…

FRESNO, CA — Yeah, it’s as disgusting as you think it is. Neng Yang,  a teacher at Freedom Elementary since 2007, has been accused of blindfolding a 7-year-old girl and tricking her into giving him oral sex in what he called “the lollipop game.”

The 43-year-old got busted after the girl’s alert mother arrived at the school early and noticed that neither her daughter nor her teacher, Yang, were outside with the rest of her class participating in PE.

When her daughter got out of school and into the car, her mother asked why she and Yang were not with the rest of the class and her daughter explained that she had been playing the lollipop game. When asked what kind of game this was, the girl explained that Yang would blindfold her in a darkened, locked classroom and have her suck on different lollipops. If she guessed the flavor, then they moved on to the next lollipop. If she didn’t, well then she kept on sucking until she did.

Mortified, the mother immediately went to authorities.…

Boston, MA — Police in Boston have arrested a popular elementary school teacher on charges of possessing, making and distributing child pornography.

David Ettlinger, 34, was placed behind bars on a slew of child porn related charges after federal agents raided his home and found hundreds of pornographic images of children and dozens of stolen girls’ underpants he had  taken from pools, locker rooms and changing areas.

The raid was a result of a federal probe of Dreamboard, a members-only website whose members distribute and watch child pornography that we reported on last year after some of their members were busted. Ettlinger had achieved VIP status within the Dreamboard community, a feat that can be achieved by producing and uploading original child pornography… something Ettlinger had.

Among the hundreds of child porn images in his possession, investigators found some Ettlinger made himself. It was in the form of a video he’d made of a sleeping 12-year-old girl. In it, Ettlinger pulls back the underwear of the sleeping girl, exposing her genitals to the camera.…

ALABASTER, Ala. — A man has admitted to molesting over 20 girls during his 25-year career as an Alabama schoolteacher.

Police charged 49-year-old Daniel Montague Acker Jr. with three counts of sexual abuse after a girl, aged 12 0r 13, went to police to report that Acker had molested her back in 2009. Police believe some of the molestation happened in the classroom but they are not sure if any of the other students present witnessed it or knew exactly what was happening if they did.

Acker would admit to investigators that he molested the girl and go on to admit that he had also molested up to 20 other girls who police believe were either students of Acker’s or students at the schools he has taught at.

This isn’t the first time Acker has been accused of inappropriate behavior with children. Back in 1992, Acker was charged with child abuse but those charges were dropped when a grand jury refused to indict.

Because of this, the county school board reinstated him as a teacher where he worked as a fourth grade teacher for 25 years, drove a school bus for 15 years and since his 2009 retirement, a substitute bus driver… allegedly molesting little girls the entire time.…

Lakeland, FL – Danny Danny Parker, 41, is an innocent man. I say that because a lot of people pictured on D’D are guilty of something. Parker, by court decision, is not.

You see… Parker was a Florida Sunday school teacher. Sadly, he was arrested and convicted on child pornography charges in 2009. This happened after he was found to have taken photos of young girls at the church camps at which he volunteered, cut out their faces, and and pasted them on adult pornographic images. Parker was subsequently sentenced to five years for possession of child pornography.

It was reported that, while jailed, Parker read the story of John Stelmack. Stelmack was a principal at a nearby elementary school who had been arrested in 2007 for basically the same thing that Parker did. Stelmack was reported to have taken photographs of his female students and attached them to photographs of adult pornography. The resulting images were found in his school office. Stelmack was later convicted on child pornography charges, but that conviction was recently overturned.…

SOMERVILLE, NJ — Police have arrested the assistant principal at Bernardsville Middle School,  accusing him of secretly filming underage boys taking showers at a Catholic high school for over three years.

I haven’t found what triggered the investigation that led to police searching 54-year-old Patrick J. Lott’s home, but when they did they found numerous videos of underage boys showering together. Using the videos, they were able to locate a hidden camera installed in the shower area of Immaculata High School where Lott volunteered as a videographer.

Prosecutors said the videos were made between January 2008 and Dec. 13 of this year and featured at least 22 boys showering, nine of which were underage at the time they were surreptitiously filmed.

Lott has been charged with 22 counts of invasion of privacy, and more than two dozen charges of endangering the welfare of a child. If he makes his $500,00 bail, he is not allowed to return to work, nor is he to have any contact with any children under the age of 16.…

Lakeland, FL — A sixth-grade geography teacher at Lakeland Highlands Middle School has been charged with battery after she threw her food through the driv-thru window of a Florida McDonald’s.

According to the arrest report, 39-year-old Simone Paolercio was upset with her $20 McDonald’s order Saturday morning. She wasn’t happy with two of the hash browns she had received and was demanding a refund.

When the manager refused to refund Paolercio her money, video captures Paolercio as she hurls a bag of food back through the window, hitting an employee in the face and chest. She then proceeds to place a seemingly never-ending supply of McDonald’s breakfast items on the window sill, which fall to the floor.

She takes off before police arrive, but they eventually catch up to Paolercio at her home where she would first deny ever throwing any food at the McDonald’s worker. But unlike the manager, she couldn’t argue with the surveillance footage and was arrested on a charge of battery. She has since been released and is awaiting a trial date.…

LIVINGSTON, TN — If any of you are in Tennessee and would like a job teaching math to elementary kids, Allons Elementary is about to have a job opening after one of their math teachers used a permanent maker to write “stupid” on one of his student’s forehead.

The incident reportedly happened on Dec 6 when a student in Alex Boles’s math class asked a reasonable question about their lesson. Boles answered the student then used a permanent marker to write the word “stupid” on the kid’s forehead. For a bit of added scumbag, he wrote it backwards so the kid could read it when they looked in the mirror.

Reports are the student sat in class with the word on their head for two hours. Another employee told Superintendent Matt Eldridge about what Boles had done, and his reaction was immediate. He suspended Boles and minced no words when he told reporters he will do what he can to ensure the teacher loses his job after the investigation is complete.…

Westlake, LA — Twenty-eight-year-old bible school teacher/hottie Heather N. Daughdrill has found herself on the business end of the Louisiana justice system having been arrested for inappropriate sexual contact with a 13-year-old boy.

It was reported that text messages discovered by the 13-year-old boy’s parents prompted a call to authorities in early November. The subsequent investigation determined that Daughdrill had ‘inappropriate sexual contact’ with the boy on ‘multiple occasions between June and October’ after ‘picking him up from school without the parents’ knowledge.’

Daughdrill reportedly met the boy while she was working as a teacher/aide at a Summer Bible school camp the boy had attended.

“So when Corinthians talks about people who won’t inherit the Kingdom of God, it is talking about people who do that stuff that we just did, right?”

Daughdrill was arrested on November 28 and charged with 4 counts of carnal knowledge of a juvenile; 8 counts of sexual battery; 3 counts of 2nd degree kidnapping; 1 count contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile; and 1 count indecent behavior with a juvenile.…

BOSTON — A University of Utah professor was arrested on Saturday after being accused of watching child porn on his laptop while on a Delta flight from Utah to Boston.

A passenger sitting behind 47-year-old Grant D. Smith, a professor of material science and engineering, witnessed Smith watching the alleged child porn and took a picture of him with their cell phone while also notifying the flight crew.

Once the plane landed at Boston Logan International Airport, police were waiting for Smith and asked to see his laptop. After a bit of searching, police say they discovered “disturbing images of child pornography.”

Smith was arrested and charged with possession of child pornography. Instead of attending  a conference for the Material Research Society, the father of two was placed in jail on a $15,000 bond and was still there as of this morning. The university has placed him on administrative leave, stating he would be fired if the allegations turned out to be true.

If the accusations are true, and Smith was watching child porn on a laptop while in the first class section of a Delta airplane, then he’s definitely one of the dumber criminals we have ever posted about on this site.…

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