Woman Smothered Daughter For Talking Back, Tossed Body In DumpsterMan Murdered Woman Then Ate Her Brains With A Glass Of Her BloodMan Accused Of Raping, Murdering His 9-Month-Old DaughterMan Beat 4-Month-Old Daughter To Death Because She Was CryingMan Accused Of Severely Beating Toddler Because She Interrupted Video GameMan Fatally Shot Wife In Front Of Their Children At Indoor Play CenterWoman Killed After 12-year-old Boy Jumps From Overpass In Suicide AttemptMan Accused Of Ejaculating Into Female Co-worker's Water Bottles, Honey JarBoy Fatally Stabbed Himself As His Mother Beat Him With Extension CordTeen Posted Selfies With Murdered Teacher Before Killing Self With Circular Saw

Los Angeles, CA – A male adult porn star has died after a police confrontation that resulted in two Taser hits and a struggle with 6-8 officers. This after an attempted suicide.

Marland A. Anderson, 39 – whose stage name was “Sledge Hammer” and starred in such classics as Oh No! There’s a Negro in My Mom! 4  and Teenage Blackaholics – died Friday from unknown problems at a hospital.

LAPD Lt. Andy Neiman said that the incident reportedly began when – on April 8 – Anderson’s fiancé, 24-year-old Alexa Cruz, called police about an attempted suicide.

Paramedics and police showed up to Cruz’s apartment around 1:30 a.m., and took Anderson away in handcuffs, seemingly at his request, said Cruz – an adult film actress.

“He put his hands behind his back; he was very cooperative,” Cruz said. “They didn’t say anything about arrest. I think he just really wanted to get help.”

According to police, Anderson ‘became agitated’ during an ambulance ride to the hospital. According to reports, officers and paramedics struggled with Anderson in the back of the ambulance after Anderson had broken a handcuff that that was attached to a rail of the gurney he was on and tried to stand up.…

Pinellas Park, FL – By anyone’s standards, 20-year-old Danielle Maudsley’s day was already off to a bad start. An earlier chain of events had led to her being handcuffed and sitting in a detention room in a Florida Highway Patrol substation. Maudsley (pictured) was a suspect in two hit-and-run crashes and reportedly had drugs in her system. Her arresting officer, Trooper Daniel Cole, was sitting nearby busy completing paperwork.

Maudsley’s day became infinitely more complicated when she made a run for it. She got out the door and into the parking lot. It was then that Cole – only a few steps behind – leveled his Taser on Maudsley’s back and fired. In a single motion, Maudsley would spin around, fall, and strike her head squarely on the asphault.

Oddly and conveniently, dashcam video from a nearby cruiser recorded the incident. Maudsley is seen on the video recording clutching her head and struggled to rise.

She then reportedly said “I can’t get up.” Those would be her final words. Maudsley has been in a vegetative state ever since.…

Hope Mills, NC – Sheriff’s deputies were called to a North Carolina McDonald’s restaurant in response to a report of a customer blocking the drive-up window. Deputies say that they arrived to find Evangeline Marrero Lucca, 37, blocking the window while engaged in a stand-off with employees.

According to employees, the incident began with Lucca pulling up to the drive-up window without first ordering from the order screen and after bypassing the payment window. According to Debbie Tanna, a Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman, Lucca instead attempted to order her food directly at the pick-up window.

“She did not want to wait in line,” Tanna said. “They told her she had to go around and wait like everybody else did and place her order that way, that they weren’t set up at that window to take her order or take her money. … She wasn’t having any of that.”

“The woman refused to move her vehicle and became confrontational with the employees,” Tanna added.

Witness/Customer Anthony Rich said the employee at the payment window told him the woman frequently comes to the restaurant and cuts in line.…

Colonie, NY – A man that suffered a heart attack after a struggle with police after pulling a nutty inside a gym had PCP and steroids in his system, according to reports.

A toxicology report found the drugs inside the 235 pound, 6 foot tall body of 32 year-old Chad Brothers. The drugs are blamed for the state of ‘excited delirium‘ that led to his death. Based on my medical expertise, I’d say that it looks something like this.

Early on October 31st, Brothers was at the gym ‘lifting zing ups and putting zem down’ when he lost his goddamn mind. During the super-sized temper tantrum, Brothers apparently toppled weights, started winging dumbbells and punched another patron.

Police, attempting to subdue the man-beast, employed tasers several times with little effect. It even appears that Brothers may have tased himself during the confrontation. Whether or not that was intentional is unknown, but let’s all give him a big ‘Like a Boss!‘ and a round of applause anyway and pretend it was.…

Irvington, AL – Two arrest warrants were issued after an argument over a paycheck escalated to a fight which led to a church pastor being tased and that assailant’s mother being stabbed in the arm.

The whole incident took place inside the New Welcome Baptist Church on Sunday. Simone Moore, a self-described R&B artist who also made an unsuccessful run for the US Senate some years back, was working as the church’s minister of music.

On Sunday, he received his final paycheck and was informed by Pastor Daryl Riley that his services were no longer needed . Moore took issue with the amount of the check, and the argument soon escalated to violence. Moore allegedly used a taser on Pastor Riley.

The fun didn’t stop there, though. Several other people joined the scuffle, including Moore’s mother. Agolia Moore was apparently stabbed in arm during the fray by church deacon Harvey Hunt.

The wound required 19 stitches according to deputies. Both Moore and Hunt have warrants issued in their name as a result of the incident.…

CONCORD, N.H. — A woman in New Hampshire acquired a couple felony charges after she assaulted a pregnant woman with a stun gun after becoming enraged over her driving.

Police say 22-year-old Carissa Williams was so angry at 28-year-old Corrine Leclair for driving 35mph in a 35mph zone while talking on her cell phone, that she pulled up alongside her and began throwing bottles and other items at her car before going around her.

Leclair, understandably freaked out, called 911 and began relaying Williams’ license plate number to the dispatcher when both women came to a stop at a stoplight. Williams reportedly exited her vehicle, leaving her 6-month-old in the car, and walked back to Leclair’s car.

After kicking the driver-side window, she opened the back door and got inside Leclair’s car while wielding a stun gun. As the 911 dispatcher listened, Leclair begged Williams stop shocking her because she was ten weeks pregnant.

Williams was arrested, charged with second-degree assault and breach of bail conditions on prior charges out of Grafton County, both felonies.…

Lakeland, FL — A Florida man is sitting in jail after getting into a physical altercation with cops after he cut his neighbor’s grass.

Unhappy with the way his neighbor’s lawn was looking, Joseph Florence pulled a Hank Hill when he went over and cut it himself. He then used the neighbor’s spigot to water the lawn. The neighbor, Steven Roth , was not happy about any of this and called 911 when Florence refused to get off his lawn.

When officers Nicholas Ivancevich and Heather Freeman arrived at Florence’s home, he came outside stinking of alcohol and became very aggressive, claiming that the way Roth keeps his yard is a reflection on his property.

The officers say that when they went to arrest him, Florence punched Ivancevich in the face and tried to choke him. Officer Freeman used a Taser on Florence three separate times, but to no avail. Finally, the two officers were able to get Florence subdued — and by the looks of that mugshot, it wasn’t easy.…

MADISON, Wis. — On Monday night, four friends dropped some acid and decided to drive around checking out Christmas lights. Afterwards they ended up at one  their homes where they planned on smoking pot and watching television when 18-year-old Phillip D. Greene began acting like an idiot. What they didn’t know was that Greene had ingested three hits of acid instead of one and was now freaking out in the kitchen and grabbing knives. Two of his friends, a 19-year-old male and a 19-year-old female, tried to calm him down, but this led to Greene stabbing one of them in the back and a the other in the stomach. One of the victims fled the home while calling 911. When police arrived, they found Greene in the middle of the street asking to be shot. So they obliged — with a Taser. After a brief struggle, Greene was taken into custody and his two victims were taken to the hospital suffering from non-life-threatening injuries. Having someone in the group unable to handle the drugs or alcohol they ingested is the second worst buzzkill I can think of.…

MIDDLETOWN, Conn. — Well, he didn’t get Tased for the theft as much as he got Tased for fighting with the resource officer. Police say a 17-year-old student was “combative, pushing, shoving, wrestling on the ground” after the school resource officer tried to take him to the security room after the teen got busted stealing a cafeteria hamburger. As the teen and the resource officer fought on the ground, another officer arrived and “dry Tased” him. Meaning, they didn’t shoot his ass with the prongs but rather just pressed it against him and gave him a nice zappin’. Of course, some are outraged over this, feeling that the cops could have handled this much better. Maybe with a body slam, a baton beat down or maybe even a nice choke-hold. Check out the video in this article and watch a young Lee Harvey Oswald state that while he respects the police, “Tasing a kid over stealing food, that’s just ridiculous.” Another student in a car driven by a woman with six sets of tits remark that “even if the kid is being disruptive, it’s called restraining him and taking him out, not Tasing him in front of everybody and embarrassing the poor kid.” The teen was charged with interfering with a police officer, larceny, breach of peace and was suspended for ten days.…

Apex, NC — More Taser controversy after a a fight between students at Westlake Middle School ended with a girl getting tased. The girl was choking a significantly smaller boy and refusing commands to let go. When the resource officer was unable to physically pry her off the boy, out came the trusty Taser. “He deployed it and immediately it was effective,” Deputy Police Chief Barry Nickalson said. Off course people who were not there to witness the situation feel that the use of the Taser was excessive but Nickalson doesn’t see it that way. “Our victim was basically dangling from being choked,” he said. “The way we see this, is we saved a life yesterday as a result of using this tool. Other techniques were just not effective.” I agree with him. If a kid is choking another and refusing commands from a cop to let go, even when the cop is physically trying to separate them, friggin’ tase ’em. Obviously it works really well and keeps a cop from either physically hurting a child or using more lethal means.…

Daily Bites

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  • Sorry I bailed on yesterday’s Daily Bites but the girl I am currently having sex with found the hidden camera I use to record our lovemaking sessions. I explained to her that it wasn’t for my personal gratification, but evidence to prove I didn’t rape her. Needless to say she, over-reacted. Women, pshh. I told her she could deal with it or I would send her back to Vietnam to live with her family in their hut. Anyway, I just took a quick glance in the forums and here are a few stories our members are interested in and a few I was keeping an eye on:
  • Dakota Valkyrie posted a crazy story about a woman who attacked a pregnant acquaintance with a stun gun. Christine Devaux was lying in wait wearing a surgical cap with her hair tucked inside and wearing cloth gloves, the affidavit said. When she struck the victim with the Taser, the victim fell to the floor, and was shocked again and again, according to the account in the affidavit.

High School Student Tased By Resource Officer

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MOORESVILLE, NC – Mixed reactions to the events surrounding a 17-year-old girl finding herself on the business end of a deployed Taser. The Charlotte Observer is reporting that on Teusday, 17-year-old Teresa Louise Bova was unable to adequately handle whatever drug she had taken while at Lake Norman High School. Slurred speech and dilated pupils led to the school administrators asking school resource officer, Marsha Sigmon, to escort her out of class and to the office to wait for her mother. But Bova had other plans. After fighting with Sigmon – even getting out of handcuffs that had been placed on her – Bova began running down the hall. Sigmon informed Bova it was in her best interest to stop, which Bova ignored. So Sigmon zapped her. Bova was then placed back in handcuffs but the assistance of a second deputy was needed to subdue Bova who still had some fight left in her. She has been charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. In a surprising move, her mother refused to get her out of jail.…

Boca Raton, FL- A shop owner in Boca Raton got her big girl panties in a wicked wad last Friday when one of her employees clogged her toilet. Medicine Shoppe owner Andrienne Chung was arrested on a simple battery charge after she struck her employee, Steven Spielberger (Ha! What a name!) with a chair. Chung admitted to police that she became pissed off when she learned what Spielberger had done and felt he was, “too lazy to get toilet paper and shoved napkins down the toilet, causing the toilet to overflow all over the store.” When questioned if she struck him with a chair, Chung said she was defending herself from Spielberger. I’m sure the police wanted to believe her cute, frumpy, little face, but surveillance video showed different. It showed Chung picking up a chair and and then she poked at Spielberger with it. Spielberger kicked the chair away and that was when Chung struck him with the chair. When the officers tried to place Ms. Chung under arrest, she refused to place her hands behind her back and kicked an officer in the groin.(Not smart) The police ended up having to use a Taser gun to tame the crazy lady and as well as being arrested for simple battery, the charges of resisting arrest with violence and battery on a law enforcement officer were added to the list.…

MARTINSVILLE, Ind. – Police were called to the Tender Teddies daycare to help with a 10-year-old boy who had become uncontrollable, was being combative and trying to harm other children and caretakers. This was not the first time that police have been called to the location about this same kid but this particular encounter ended with outraged people, two suspended cops and a Tased kid. When the boy would not stop screaming, punching and kicking, one officers allegedly Tased his ass and another allegedly slapped him. The two officers are now on leave with pay pending the results of the investigation that usually happens after a cop uses a Taser on a kid. The Morgan County Sheriff’s Department released the following statement: “While the department will not condone the unnecessary treatment of any subject, regardless of age, in any apprehension situation, additional comments will not be made pending results of the final investigation.” …

Christopher Thomas Jr. Is Broken Beyond Repair

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Kansas City, MO – Christopher Thomas Jr., 19, is one seriously fucked up individual. He’s looking at a felony statutory rape charge after allegedly raping an 8-year-old girl and tasing her 10-year-old brother when he tried to intervene. According to court documents, while Thomas was visiting the residence on January 6th, the girl and her brother began to argue. Thomas allegedly called the girl a brat and gave her three choices – tell her dad, get a spanking, or get raped. The girl picked “none of the above” so Thomas picked for her. He took her into a bedroom and proceeded to rape her. The little girl told Thomas she didn’t like it and he responded, “You better like it,” and continued to violate her, threatening to hurt her and her brother if she told anyone. When the girl’s brother entered the room and attempted to intervene, Thomas whipped out a taser and tased the kid’s arm. Though their mother returned home shortly after the assault, neither child informed her of what had happened.…

Tavares, FL- I believe we here at Dreamin’Demon may have once again found another future recipient of the Darwin Award. Meet 19-year old Shane Thomas Williams-Allen of Orlando. Williams-Allen is one of those individuals who likes to set low personal standards for himself and then consistently fail to achieve them. The Flori-duh-idian was arrested recently on multiple burglary and grand-theft counts, one of those burglaries involving an unmarked Ocoee Police car. Items stolen from that car included a Taser, an expandable baton, handcuffs, a Glock handgun magazine, a digital camera and a digital recorder. Investigators discovered their suspect in the police car robbery was staying with friends in Clermont. Some of the stolen items were found at the residence, but not Williams-Allen. It was from those friends the officers learned that earlier in the week Williams-Allen had accidentally locked himself up with the stolen handcuffs and had to call the Clermont Police Department to release him. After investigators somehow finally caught up with Williams-Allen in Casselberry and arrested him, Williams-Allen asked if this was about the “Taser incident.

Tase The Baby!

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In the early morning hours of New Year’s Day, cops pulled over Jorge Garcia, 39, after receiving a tip that he was armed. Along with Garcia, some other people who he had been at a party with earlier also pulled over. The crowd became hostile when officers tried to arrest Garcia who was in the road yelling obscenities before getting back into his car. When police ordered Garcia out of his vehicle, Garcia continued to act irrational and verbally abusive. One of the officers pulled out a Taser but Garcia was having none of that. He reached in the backseat and grabbed an infant that he used as a human shield. Holding the baby in front of him, he repeatedly told police to “Tase the baby.” Police were able to get the infant away from Garcia unharmed – and then two officers Tased his ass.  He is now facing child neglect charges to go along with resisting arrest. He was released from the Volusia County jail on $6,500 bond. Garcia’s wife Tangeca was also arrested for resisting arrest.…

Ozark, Arkansas – Now before you go by just the title alone, understand that the girl’s mother called the police. The camps are pretty evenly divided on this one, but before you pick one – here is what is being reported. The girl’s mother called police because she could not control the girl and wanted her taken to a juvenile facility. When officer Bradshaw arrived he witnessed the girl kicking and screaming. The girl’s mother, Kelly Hamlert, told him to use a Taser if he needed to – which he did after the girl kicked him in the nuts. The father is livid and feels that if an officer cannot manhandle a small child, then he doesn’t deserve to be one. But I am siding with Bradshaw’s superior who said, “”Well, if he tried to restrain her, he might hurt her by restraining her.”  But I guess the real lesson learned here is don’t call police to handle your kids if you do not want them to act like the police.…

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