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Police In Tense Two-Hour Stand-Off With Empty Car

February 19, 2012 at 12:19 pm by  

San Diego, CA – San Diego Police could face possible charges of brutality after their Rodney King-like beating of an unoccupied car on eastbound Interstate 8 in La Mesa. The empty car looked to have barely survived the savage abuse at the hands of officers during the two-hour standoff.

The tense situation began in the early evening when, according to Lt. David Rohowits, a suspect in a home invasion robbery was to be arrested during a scheduled meeting with his parole officer. The suspect called just before the meeting to say his car had broken down on Interstate 8. The suspect then abandoned the empty vehicle by the roadside and left the area.

Officers arriving on the scene surrounded the vehicle and reported that the [already long gone] home invasion robbery suspect was refusing orders to get out of the stopped car. It is then that they unleashed their coordinated attacks on the unarmed car. One theory is that the savage treatment was possibly vigilantism because the car was thought to be an accomplice of the suspect.…

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