Mason Zisette Dies After Being Struck By Overpass While On Top Of Party BusToothless Man Accused Of Gumming Roommate After She Refused To Clean His EarMan Arrested For Stabbing Watermelon In "Threatening" MannerMan Caught In The Act Of Molesting Child Gets Severe BeatdownHomeless Woman Dies After Driver Parks Car On Top Of HerElizabeth Johnson, Mother Of Missing Baby Gabriel, A Free WomanMallory Loyola First Woman Charged Under New Tennessee Law That Criminalizes Drug Use During PregnancyMan Sentenced For Beating Toddler To Death While Trying To Turn Her GayLogan Shepard, 4, Mauled To Death By His Uncle's Two Pit BullsMatthew Durham Accused Of Sexually Abusing Children At Kenyan Orphanage

Police: Man Stabbed During Post Coital MassageMaricopa, AZ — Linda Burchfield was taken into custody early Wednesday morning after police say she slit a man’s throat during a relaxing post-coital massage.

Police say the 22-year-old woman was invited over to the victim’s residence Tuesday night to partake in the consumption of marijuana and various alcoholic beverages. When the party broke up shortly after midnight, Burchfield and the victim headed into the bedroom for some consensual nookie.

Police say Burchfield began arguing with the man soon after the lovin’ was over, demanding to know where he kept his cash. Though he stood his ground and refused to tell the woman where he stashed his cash, dude caved when Burchfield offered him a relaxing back massage.

At some point during the massage, Burchfield reportedly grabbed a nearby fillet knife and slit dude’s throat. I see I’m not the only who keeps their slitty, slashy, stabby stuff hidden in various locations throughout the bedroom…

Burchfield, still armed with the knife, then positioned her crazy ass in front of the bedroom door, preventing the man’s exit.…

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Boy, 8, Facing Charges After Stabbing Teacher With PencilOSTEEN, Fla. – An 8-year-old boy may face an aggravated battery charge after he went nuts and stabbed a teacher with a pencil.

The boy was in an after-school program in the cafeteria of Osteen Elementary School when he began running around screaming like an idiot. When the teacher, 47-year-old Kelleen Long, approached the boy he grabbed a pencil and began moving towards another student.

When Long stepped in to protect the other student, the 8-year-old turned on her and attempted to stab her in the face with the pencil. Long was able to shield her face but was stabbed in the forearm, leaving lead lodged inside her. The boy then dropped to the ground.

Long did not require medical attention, but according to deputies she does want to file charges against the boy. His mother was called to the school to calm him down and explained that while he was not on any medication, her son was taking fish oil to help with his anger issues.

I’m thinking maybe it’s time she introduces the boy to handfuls of Valium…or possibly a dog crate.…

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Man Stabs Girlfriend After Failing To Set Her On FirePALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - Police have charged a man with attempted murder after he tried to set his girlfriend on fire before stabbing her in the chest.

The unidentified woman says that a few days after kicking out her boyfriend, Michael P. Sutherland, for not paying any bills, she was awakened by a noise and found that her front door was open. As she went to close it, someone dumped gasoline on her head.

She turned around to see her boyfriend standing there trying to light a lighter. Fortunately for her, the lighter would only spark. The two began struggling when Sutherland grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed her in the chest. “Not today,” she told Death and somehow was able to get away, call 911 and drive herself to the hospital. She is expected to survive.

Deputies stopped Sutherland after they found him walking down the road shirtless, smelling like gas. Sutherland told the officers that he had tried to set his girlfriend on fire, but the lighter didn’t work, and that he was currently on his way to a friend’s house where he planned to hang himself.…

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Man Charged With Daughters Murder Admits To Incestuous RelationshipWashington, DC — On November 27th of last year, 17 year-old Ebony Franklin was reported missing by her mother. On the 29th, her body was discovered by a pedestrian in a trash container located in an alley. Franklin had been stabbed fifteen times and dropped head first into the receptacle.

The girl was supposed to have been spending the weekend of the 26th with her father. In fact, the two were supposedly meeting that day so he could give her some Christmas presents. Dear old dad, however, apparently told the girl’s mother she had to decided to spend the weekend with her boyfriend. Several calls and texts were later made from Franklin’s phone, to her mother and others, including this: “Remember, the bitch told on my man nowyoo get her out the trash.”

Police say that this was an attempt by the girl’s father, Rodney J. McIntyre, to point investigators away from him. After being questioned several times since November, police have arrested McIntyre and he has been charged with first-degree murder as of Monday.…

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Police: Woman Stabs Boyfriend, Jumps From Car On The Way To HospitalBrunswick, ME — 32 year-old Nicole Hubert is looking a little Vanilla Sky after jumping from a moving vehicle on Sunday, a vehicle that was carrying her boyfriend to the hospital after she allegedly stabbed him in the chest. Like the aforementioned movie, this one takes a bit to make sense of, so we’ll start at the beginning.

At roughly 2am Sunday morning Hubert and her boyfriend had an argument. Police say that alcohol was a factor in the argument, which is odd since most 2am Sunday arguments I have are about (and caused by) puppy dogs. As a result of the argument, Hubert decided the unidentified 37 year-old man would look more handsome with a knife in his chest.

Hubert and a man who witnessed the stabbing attempted to drive the victim to the hospital. Though it’s unclear just who was driving the vehicle, what is clear is that at some point Hubert chose not  to be in the car anymore and jumped out, using her face to break the fall.…

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Woman Accused Of Stabbing 6 Week Old Daughter Multiple TimesBakersfield, CA — Danielle Mailloux, 24, was taken into custody Sunday after police say she repeatedly stabbed her 6-week-old daughter with a kitchen knife. Fortunately, the infant survived the attack and is now listed in fair condition with multiple stab wounds to the chest and back.

According to Kern County Sheriff’s spokesman Ray Pruitt, the infant’s father called authorities after he arrived home and discovered the injuries. At this point, it is unknown how many times the baby was stabbed, or even how much time passed between the alleged attack and arrival of paramedics.

Police say this isn’t the first time the woman has been investigated for crimes against children. Danielle reportedly gave birth to a full-term stillborn in March of 2009 – test results showed the infant died as a direct result of Danielle’s methamphetamine use. Though the coroner ruled the death a homicide, no charges were filed because under California law, murder charges can’t be applied if “the act was solicited, aided, abetted, or consented to by the mother of the fetus.”

Danielle’s mother, Lynna Shroyer, has said that the death of that child has been weighing heavily on Danielle lately, and she was feeling a little depressed.…

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Man Posts Bout 2 kill ma kid On Facebook, Follows Through Sidney, AU – Ramazan Acar, 24, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to killing his daughter after he announced his intent to do it on Facebook. Acar stabbed his 2-year-old daughter, Yazmina, to death last November reportedly to hurt Yazmina’s mother – his former fiancée Rachelle D’Argent.

Acar contacted D’Argent asking if he could let Acar take her out to a chocolate shop. The mother allowed Acar to take her – citing the fact that the girl had not seen Acar in three months and she was “excited to see him.”

Acar did not return as planned and began threatening to kill Yazmina through Facebook posts and text messages and phone calls to D’Argent.

On the day of the murder, Acar posted “Bout 2 kill ma kid” on Facebook. He then phoned D’Argent and asked her if she wanted to say some last words to Yazmina. The 2-year-old girl told her mom “I love you” and D’Argent replied “I love you too.”

Acar then repeatedly stabbed the girl with a 12-inch knife – Yazmina died due to wounds to her chest and stomach, in what forensic experts said was a ‘prolonged death.’ Police later located the child’s body on the side of a road in northwestern Melbourne.…

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Police: Man High On Bath Salts Kills Neighbors Pet Pygmy Goat Charleston, WV — The handsome devil to the left is 19-year-old Mark Thompson – he apparently got high on bath salts over the weekend and abducted his neighbor’s pet pygmy goat. And then it got weird….

Lisa Powers told police she bought the goat for her 4-year-old grandson on Friday. “The baby just loved him,” she said. Early Monday morning, Powers’ nephew, Joshua Pollis, got a call from one of Thompson’s neighbors. The goat, Bailey, had been goatnapped.

“They told him that my goat was wandering around in Mark’s house and he’d better come and get it,” Powers said. “They called my nephew because he’d been there before.”

Pollis and two unidentified women headed over to Thompson’s to retrieve the goat. As they approached Thompson’s bedroom, he called out to them. “Don’t come in,” he said. “I’m naked.” Undaunted, the trio continued toward the bedroom.

“They opened the door and he was standing there with his pants down. He had on women’s clothing (bra and panties) and the goat was dead and there was blood everywhere,” said Powers.…

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Three Hearing Impaired Men Stabbed After Sign Language Is Mistaken For Gang SignsHallandale Beach, FL – A group of hearing-impaired men have been hospitalized with stab wounds after police say their sign language was mistaken for gang signs.

31-year-old Alfred Stewart (pictured) was celebrating a birthday with a group of hearing-impaired friends at Ocean’s Eleven Lounge Saturday night when another patron in the bar, 45-year-old Barbara Lee, mistook their sign language for gang gestures and got all kinds of offended. Police say Lee, a suspected gang member, approached the group and began throwing her own signs. Witnesses say the friends motioned for Lee to leave them alone.

Lee exited the bar, but returned a short time later with a couple of thugs in tow, one of them an unidentified juvenile. The other alleged thug, 19-year-old Marco Ibanez, reportedly pulled out a knife and started getting stabby.

Stewart and two of his friends reportedly suffered stab wounds to the back and torso. A bouncer who intervened in the attack was hospitalized after being hit over the head with a beer bottle multiple times.…

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Police: Rape Victim Stabs Attacker Four TimesMuncie, IN — Kenneth Wayne Meer, 21, was arrested Sunday morning after going to Indiana University Health Ball Memorial Hospital for treatment for stab wounds to his stomach and back.

Police were actually anticipating Meer’s arrival at the hospital after a 21-year-old female Ball State University student reported a rape during which she had stabbed her assailant four times.

According to police, at approximately 4:30AM, Meer knocked on the door of the victim’s apartment. Police say the victim opened the door and Meer “forced his way into her apartment.” The two then began to struggle.

Meer pulled a knife and put it to the woman’s throat, but dropped the knife during the struggle. The victim grabbed the knife and began stabbing Meer as he strangled her. The woman passed out from the strangulation, according to police reports.

It was after the victim regained consciousness that Meer reportedly raped her. As he was doing so, he tried to contain the blood from his multiple stab wounds using a T-shirt.

Meer’s mother and girlfriend told investigators Meer returned home around 6 a.m.…

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Teen Charged With Robbing Father Then Beating Him To DeathArlington Heights, IL – Bail has been denied for the Arlington Heights teen who was charged with the murder of his father.

Matthew Nelleson had recently began living with his father after a stint in jail on burglary charges. He was angry with his dad, 55-year-old George Nelleson over not getting money he felt he deserved. So with the help of 20-year-old Marlon Green, a man he met in prison, he devised a plan to rob his father.

On April 12, Nelleson, Green and 20-year-old Armon Braden, waited for his father to return home from work. Once home, the elder Nelleson was threatened with a pellet gun and then bound to a chair with duct tape. They forced the man to write them a $100,000 check as he begged his son not to steal his retirement money. They also stole $800 from his wallet, retrieved his ATM banking passwords and PIN. When George Nellessen threatened to call the police, prosecutors say Nelleson decided that his father needed to be killed.…

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Teen Leads Police On High Speed Chase After Father Is Bound, Gagged And MurderedArlington Heights, Illinois — A family is torn apart after a man was murdered on Thursday morning in a quiet Chicago suburb.

I was waiting for police to officially release the name of the person they were questioning in the case, even though it was pretty evident from the start who it was that fled the home and led the cops on a high speed chase.

19-year-old Matthew Nellessen is being held in connection with the death of his father, 55-year-old George Nellessen. Police were called to the family’s home at 8:45 am. When they arrived they found the slain body of George, who was still duct-taped to a chair and gagged. It was also evident that the man’s throat had been slashed.  Police were told that Matt, the victim’s son, had abruptly fled the home and drove away in a tan Mercury Grand Marquis. Police located the teen about 45 minutes later. When the teen failed to stop, a high-speed chase ensued, leading about 15 squad cars through several Chicago suburbs, including Hoffman Estates, Barrington Hills and Dundee, where the Nellessen’s tire was shot out and he was apprehended.…

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Keith Randulich Sentenced To 40 Years For Killing 4 Year Old SisterMokena, Illinois — For those of you who don’t remember Keith Randulich, let me refresh your memory. He’s the teenager who confessed to murdering his 4-year-old sister, Sabrina,  because he thought a relative was abusing her. Makes sense, right? Today he was sentenced to 40 years in prison for the pointless murder.

As Rotten Apple reported back in 2009, the honor student called 911 the night of May 22, and told police he had murdered his step-sister in the basement of their  home.

He did more than just murder her, he straddled her tiny body in the basement of the home and stabbed her 30 times in the throat with a 5 inch steak knife. He then called 911 three times to report the crime and then met police at the front door and told them he wanted to get this over with.

“I just told her I loved her and I took out the knife and she smiled at me,” Randulich said after his arrest. “I really loved my sister.”

The teen had apparently argued with his mother that evening over his request to use some of his high school graduation money to buy a gun to kill the alleged “molester.” Randulich told police it would have been impossible for him to kill the suspected abuser without a gun, so decided to murder Sabrina instead.…

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Pennsylvania Man Pleads Guilty To Murder Of Teen, Sex With Corpse Sheraden, PA — Tushon Brown, the registered sex offender accused of fatally stabbing 14-year-old Lauren Deis last year, will spend the rest of his life in prison under a plea deal reached Thursday. Brown, 35, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and abuse of a corpse in exchange for a sentence of life in prison with no chance of parole.

Deis’ mother, Lisa Deis, cried as she read a statement to Brown during the hearing.  “My daughter was just 14 when you stole her life away,” Lisa Deis said. “You had the nerve to tell detectives lies about my daughter. My daughter’s mistake was to trust you.”

Lisa Deis recounted a letter left by Brown’s daughter at Lauren Deis’ memorial.

“I love you Lauren. We’re so ashamed and embarrassed of our father. But don’t worry, you’re an angel now and he’ll never be able to get out,” Lisa Deis quoted from the letter.

Brown stared straight ahead for most of the hearing.  “I apologize to the family of Lauren and her friends.…

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Woman Repeatedly Stabs Sleeping Son, Claims God Made Me Do ItKansas City, MO — 33-year-old Peggy Ross was taken into custody early Tuesday morning after police say she stabbed her 8-year-old son multiple times as he lay sleeping in his grandmother’s bed.

Ross’ mother told investigators she and the child were sleeping when she woke to find Ross stabbing the boy with a knife. The woman told police her grandson attempted to ward off the blows with his hands.

The woman grabbed her daughter and told her to stop, at which point Ross reportedly screamed, “I’m going to finish it! God made me do it!” She then fled the house on foot.

Arrested a short time later, Ross was booked into jail on charges of child endangerment and second-degree assault. A bond amount has not yet been made available.

The boy suffered cuts and wounds to his hands and wrist, scratches on his left shoulder and bruises on his left elbow and side. He was stitched up at the hospital and released.

That silly God, always getting people in trouble.…

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Reporter Finds Bloody Knife After Cops Leave Scene Of Triple MurderAtlanta, GAAtlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Rhonda Cook discovered a bloody knife Monday at a home where a mother and her two children were stabbed to death, prompting police to investigate how detectives missed a key piece of evidence.

DeKalb County Police spokeswoman Mekka Parish said detectives thought they had recovered the main weapon they believe 21-year-old Eugene Quatron McCoy used to stab to death his 45-year-old mother, Sheila Irons, and his half-siblings Zion McPherson, 11, and Chasity McPherson, 8. Apparently not…

Cook said she found the second knife — with bright red blood on its blade — under a chair on the front porch hours after police completed their investigation and removed crime scene tape from the home. She had gone to the neighborhood to interview people about the crime.

“There was glass all around the porch, and the knife was laying in the middle of the glass,” Cook said.

Cook, who has been a reporter since 1978, didn’t touch the knife. She called her editor and stayed on the phone with him while she knocked on the door, but no one answered, Cook said.…

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Neighbors Listen As Man Nearly Decapitates His Screaming GirlfriendNew York – Raul Barrera, 33, has been charged with the murder of his girlfriend after he showed up at the police station early Sunday morning, covered in blood. Barrera told police he and his girlfriend had gotten into a fight and that when he left the apartment they shared, he wasn’t sure if she was even alive any longer.

When police arrived at the third floor apartment at 63 Clinton St. shortly after 2:30 a.m. and found 23-year-old Sarah Coit in the living room in a pool of her own blood. She was suffering from multiple stab wounds, including a gash to her neck that police say nearly decapitated her. “Her whole neck was cut all the way,” said a neighbor who lives downstairs and saw Coit on a stretcher. “Her head was almost cut off.”

The former Hunter College student was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. Barrera was subsequently arrested and charged with second-degree murder. In a taped confession Barrera told police the couple were arguing about her moving out of the apartment when she grabbed a knife and cut him.…

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Details Released On School Resource Officers StabbingPalm Harbor, FL — New details are being released concerning the stabbing of a school resource officer earlier this week. And between law enforcement and the kid’s family, there are just two details both parties agree on – the fact that Officer Fridlund was stabbed, and the kid’s name.

13-year-old Kenny Stoltman‘s family seems to think the whole stabbing thing was unintentional. “He [Kenny] said the officer basically got stabbed when the officer grabbed him and pulled him to him,” said his grandmother, Chris Mathews, who has custody of the boy. Kenny reportedly told his grandmother he had the open knife in his hand, but had no intentions of using it on the officer…it just happened. While the first stab may have been explained away as an accident, no one seems to have an explanation for the additional two pokes.

Mathews went on to say that the only thing Kenny could think about after being taken to the floor and Maced was Fridlund’s well-being. “He said, ‘Please make sure he’s okay.…

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Teen Smuggles Gasoline Into Middle School, Stabs Resource Officer When ConfrontedPalm Harbor, FL — 55-year-old Kenneth Fridlund, a resource officer at Joseph L. Carwise Middle School, was stabbed multiple times after confronting a 13-year-old student who teachers say “smelled strongly of gasoline.” Seems the kid had stashed 11 gasoline filled containers in the boys’ restroom just moments before the alleged confrontation.

According to police, the boy showed up in class early Tuesday morning with the bottles stuffed into a duffel bag. The boy apparently smelled like a gas tank, and when the teacher questioned his choice of cologne that morning, the kid claimed he accidentally spilled gas on himself earlier and asked to use the restroom to clean up. Once the kid and his duffel bag were out of the room, the teacher radioed school staff about the student and the strong gasoline odor.

Officer Fridlund and another staff member heard the alert and headed to the restroom, catching the teen just as he walked out of the door. Once Fridlund started in with the questions, the boy proceeded to get all kinds of stabby.…

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