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Murder Trial Delayed For Alyssa Bustamante

August 25, 2011 at 9:00 am by  

ST. MARTINS, Missouri – One trial I am looking forward to is the trial of Alyssa Bustamante, the teen accused of killing her neighbor, 9-year-old Elizabeth Olten. I had hoped it would start as scheduled, but now it looks like it won’t start until the beginning of next year.

Olten vanished while walking home from a friend’s house back in 2009. The day after she disappeared, the older sister of the friend Olten was visiting, a then 15-year-old Bustamante, led police to Olten’s dead body.

The mentally disturbed teen, with a history of cutting and a suicide attempt at 13, admitted to police that she killed the girl. After strangling, stabbing and cutting the girl’s throat, she buried her in a grave behind her house that she had dug a week prior. She told police she killed the girl because she wanted to know what it felt like.

Her attorney wanted her tried as a juvenile and kept in a juvenile facility where she would receive better treatment and increase her chances of rehabilitation.…

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BUNKER HILL, Ind. — Police have charged a man with murder after they say he stabbed a 76-year-old Boy Scout leader in the neck during a hiking trip in Indiana.

Arthur L. Anderson was on a 5-mile hike with another adult and two scouts, ages 11 and 12, when they stopped to identify a tree on the Nickel Plate Trail in Bunker Hill.

That’s when police say 22-year-old Shane Golitko walked up behind Anderson and stabbed him the neck before fleeing the scene. Despite the attempts of responding medics and a nearby neighbor to save his life, Anderson died at the scene.

A minute before police received the 911 call regarding Anderson, they got a 911 call from Golitko’s mother. She told police that her son had just beaten her up and was headed towards Nickel Plate Trail.

After stabbing Anderson, Golitko returned home to trash his mother’s house and stab the family’s boxer and a pit bull, killing the boxer. Golitko then drove off and was later arrested after leading police on an 8-mile chase.…

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Naperville, IL - Alexander Georg, 27, was jailed on $1.5 million bond after – according to prosecutors – he attacked his mother so severely with a butcher knife that the handle broke off.  The attack was reportedly his answer to her offer to make him a sandwich.

Georg is reported to live with his 52-year-old mother in an apartment on Naperville’s northeast side.  Published reports said Georg’s mother had brought him home earlier in the day from a ‘mental and emotional health care facility’ where he had undergone treatment for nearly two weeks.

Police say that, after he arrived home, his mother offered to make him a sandwich, and he ‘grabbed the knife, chased her out to the driveway and pinned her down and stabbed her repeatedly.’

Neighbors described the woman’s screams as “bone-chilling,” prompting them to call the police.  When police arrived, Georg’s mother was said to be standing across the street covered in blood.  Georg was standing in the driveway of the residence and was arrested without resisting.…

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BARRIE, Ontario — Three teens have been charged with murder following the stabbing death of a man at an indoor,  glow-in-the-dark minigolf course.

Bradley Hubbard, 42, his girlfriend and two young daughters decided to go to Putting Edge (heh) after eating dinner Saturday night.

While there, Hubbard’s daughters, ages 7 and 4, informed him they were scared of some drunk teenagers acting like assholes and breaking things.

Hubbard confronted the teens and asked them to stop, but things went downhill from there, ending when one of the teens allegedly stabbed the father of seven in the neck with a broken putter.

Paramedics arrived and tried to save his life, but Hubbard would be pronounced dead at the hospital.

“At least he died in his wife’s arms,” said Hubbards’ father-in-law. “He got to tell her that he loved her before he passed away.”

Police have arrested Justin Spring, 18, Jake Workman, 18, and Matthew Spring, 19, and have charged them with second-degree murder.…

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Memphis, TN – Eduardo Marmolejo, the 17-year-old student accused of stabbing his teacher to death, has been ordered to undergo a mental evaluation.

On Wednesday, 49-year-old Suzette York was found stabbed to death in a classroom at Memphis Junior Academy, a Seventh-day Adventist school of less than 100 students.

Shortly after, police had Marmolejo in custody and charged with York’s murder. He told police that he did not like York and had planned on killing her since May, ever since he found out he would be the only 11th-grade student at the school.

York had lobbied the school should expand past their current kindergarten through 10th-grades; saying it was important to keep students in a Christian setting. The school board agreed and voted last spring to extend classes through the 11th grade.

Marmolejo was the first and only student to begin his junior year there and he was not happy about it at all. One of his teachers said Marmolejo was left behind because several of his classmates had transferred to another school to finish their junior and senior years.…

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Memphis, TN – Not a lot of details on this as it is breaking, but police say they have a 17-year-old student in custody at the Memphis Junior Academy where the Principal was found stabbed to death in a classroom.

The body of 48-year-old Suzette York was discovered by a teacher shortly after 11 a.m. Wednesday at the private school operated by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. York had been with the school for more than three years.

The 17-year-old student was taken into custody at the scene. No motive is known at this time. The school will be out for the rest of the week.

Not a great start for a school whose classes just started on Monday.

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Las Vegas, NV – A teenager in jail for smothering his young cousin to death has now been accused of stabbing his cell mate to death with a pencil.

Carl Guilford, 18, has been in the Clark County Detention Center since May, accused of smothering 6-year-old Christopher Montgomery with a comforter. His cell mate was 39-year-old Francesco Sanfilippo, in jail on 13 counts of possession of child pornography.

The other day, Sanfilippo was found dead inside their cell covered in a white sheet. The floors and walls were smeared with blood and Guilford was sitting on the top bunk with a blank stare. Sanfilippo had been stabbed several times with a pencil.

Guilford would first tell police that Sanfilip came on to him and grabbed his ass, leading to Guilford putting the older man in a choke hold. He says he doesn’t remember what happened after that. He would then change his story and claim that the Devil told him if he did not kill Sanfilippo, then the Devil would make Guilford kill himself.…

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Woman Gets Stabby Over Pet’s Medical Bills

July 30, 2011 at 10:48 am by  

North Palm Beach, FL - Robin Warren, 55, has been arrested after reportedly becoming a stabbing machine in response to her husband’s refusal to pay medical bills for her cat.

Police say that the couple was arguing over her cat’s medical treatment last Wednesday.  At some point in the discussion – a particularly bad point, let’s say… Warren reportedly ‘lunged’ at her husband with scissors.  Her husband got the scissors away from her, but Warren then grabbed a wooden coat hanger and struck him in the face, police said.

Apparently seeing where all of this was going, the unidentified husband then tried to leave the home.  In response, Warren grabbed two kitchen knives and began to cut him on his hands and arms.

Officer’s arrived and gained control of the situation.  Warren’s husband refused medical attention – apparently realizing that his willingness to pay for his own treatment would unleash a renewed torrent from hell.  He left the residence, police said.

Warren was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail. She was reportedly charged with aggravated battery and false imprisonment.  …

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SALT LAKE CITY, UT — On June 2, a guest at the Capitol Motel went to the manager and complained about an awful smell in her room. Employees searched for the source of the smell and found it was emanating from the corpse of 26-year-old Jessica Irene Jensen.

She had been stabbed to death and stuffed under the mattress five days earlier.

After police found that Thomas Kumalac, 28, had previously rented the room and had checked out a few days earlier, they released his name to the media as a person they would like to talk to.

On June 2, after seeing Kumalac’s name on the news, the estranged husband of Kumalac’s new girlfriend handed police some very interesting Facebook messages. The messages detailed both her and Kumalac’s involvement in Jensen’s murder.

Acting on a tip that same night, detectives stopped a bus and apprehended Kumalac and his girlfriend. Kumulac would admit to murdering Jensen in the hotel room and hiding her body between the wooden frame and the mattress.…

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Valley Falls, KS — The happy lookin’ fella to the left is 25-year-old Brandon Smelser – he was taken into custody over the weekend for allegedly getting all stabby when a friend showed up at a party with the wrong beer.

Police say Smelser and 22-year-old Chris Daniel got into a fight in the parking lot of a mobile home park early Saturday morning after Daniel had the nerve to show up with an undisclosed amount of Natural Light beer instead of Smelser’s desired brand. That’s when Smelser reportedly got all stab happy.

Daniel was transported to the hospital, where he underwent surgery for injuries considered to be life-threatening. He remains hospitalized.

Smelser was promptly booked on charges of first-degree attempted murder. A bond amount has not been made available.

Natty Light? Totally justifiable……

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RENTON, Wash. – Police have arrested a man and charged him with the murder of a teen who went missing nearly a year ago.

Kathy Chou, 19, left her home on  April 18, 2010 and was never heard from again. Friends and family stated she had learning disabilities and was very naive. Police conducted searches and interviewed friends, but the case had gone cold with no leads as to her whereabouts. That is until June 23, a little over a year since Chou was last seen, when a man came to police and told them he was pretty sure he knew what had happened to the teen.

He said that on the night she vanished her ex-boyfriend, 22-year-old Ezekiel J. Watkins, came to his home with dirt and blood on his clothes. Watkins had been interviewed by police before, as he had dated Chou after meeting over the Internet, but he claimed they had broken up months ago. He also had an alibi in the form of a friend who told police on the night Chou went missing, Watkins was at his home.…

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Gurnee, IL - Ainsley Ball, 22, was arrested for allegedly stabbing an apartment-mate in the back of the head.  This after she reportedly refused to have sex with him.  That’ll make her come around.

According to police, an officer heard a loud scream as she got in her squad car to begin her shift Wednesday morning – appearing to have come from a nearby apartment complex.  Investigating, the officer reportedly then saw the woman on an apartment balcony with what appeared to be blood on her shoulder.

The woman told the officer that Ball had been sleeping upstairs in her apartment.  Just before the incident, he had woken her up and requested sex.  According to Gurnee Police Cmdr. Jay Patrick, when she turned him down, Ball allegedly stabbed her in the back of the head with a kitchen knife.

When the woman felt blood, she grabbed the knife and began struggling with Ball, police said.  Ball ran from the apartment before police arrived.  Police found him shortly after in a wooded area nearby – presumably cornered by animals in search of nesting materials.  …

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Hypoluxo, FL – According to police, Jeffery Waites, 57, threw a butter knife at his wife during an argument. The knife reportedly entered her skull through the left side of her nose. As horrible as this sounds, it is worth noting that – at any carnival in the U.S. – a throw such as this would earn him a stuffed animal. Not one of those medium-sized ones, either.  …a large one.

Waites reportedly called 911 requesting emergency medical assistance for his wife. During the call, Waites told dispatchers that he had a fight with his wife and threw a butter knife at her. According to the Lantana Police arrest report, Waites noted during the call that the knife was ‘now stuck in her head.’

When police arrived, they found the woman lying on the floor and bleeding from her head. She told reponding officers that the knife had just “come out.” Despite this, police and rescue personnel insisted on pursuing the matter.

According to the report, she was taken to a local medical center and was considered to be in good condition.…

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Denver, CO — A 19-year-old man was taken into custody Monday after police say he stabbed and slashed his 5-month-old American Bulldog because the pup supposedly bit him.

According to police and animal control officers, the pup, Diamond, was found wandering near Matthew Weatherspoon’s apartment early Monday morning suffering from numerous stab wounds. The critter was transported to a veterinary hospital, where he underwent three hours of surgery. He is expected to survive.

When questioned about the bloodied animal, Weatherspoon told police he became angry after Diamond bit him, so he grabbed a knife and stabbed the pup five times, slashing his adorable puppy face. Weatherspoon then got pissed because the dog was bleeding all over his apartment, so he tossed him outside. Police say Weatherspoon had no visible bite marks. Shame…

Weatherspoon was arrested Monday afternoon and is now being held and investigated for aggravated animal cruelty, a felony.

Denver Animal Shelter officials said they would announce when Diamond has recovered enough to be available for adoption. And if one of our fans out in Denver would be kind enough to ship that little guy to me, I’d be most appreciative.…

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Bangor, ME — Roxanne Jeskey, 48, was arrested Wednesday night in connection with the brutal torture and murder of her husband, 53-year-old Richard Jeskey. And she didn’t murder him just a little bit either…

According to the police affidavit, Richard’s naked, beaten and bloodied body was found in the bathtub on June 13. An autopsy conducted the next day revealed extensive multiple blunt and sharp force injuries to the head, neck, torso, and limbs…

“These included nose fractures, loss of an eye, rib fractures, rectal incised wounds, and internal hemmorhage from an instrument(s) pushed through his scrotum into his abdomen,” Bangor police Detective David Bushey wrote in the affidavit. “Further, Mr. Jeskey was strangled with sufficient force to break the hyoid bone of his neck.”

Roxanne reportedly admitted to police that she assaulted her husband with various weapons including pliers, a box cutter and a plastic baseball bat.

She described to detectives how she used a pair of pliers to injure Richard’s genitals, stating that as he sat in the bathtub, presumably bleeding from his baby-maker, he “made a statement concerning the fact that she had hurt him,” to which she replied, “Now you know how I feel.”

Roxanne told police she exited the bathroom and left Richard sitting in the bathtub.…

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Fond du Lac, WI – A 9-year-old girl came to the aid of her mother by stabbing Jason Fields, 27, in the back for the second time in two years. The woman and Fields have a child in common.

It all began when police were called to the woman’s home last week after Fields jumped on the woman’s car and broke the windshield. According to the complaint, police left after Fields gave the woman money for the windshield and assured them that he would leave the home for the day. He did not.

The couple started fighting shortly after police left. Fields is accused of strangling the woman and holding a knife to her throat, threatening to kill her. As Fields was threatening her, police say the 9-year-old girl plunged a kitchen knife into Field’s back – he then dropped his knife in response.

According to the complaint, the 9-year-old girl told police she was not upset by the incident as she had stabbed Fields in the leg two years earlier when he also was hurting her mother.…

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Knotts Island, NC — Rebecca Blackmore, 16, is facing charges of first-degree murder after police say she stabbed her newborn daughter to death shortly after squishing her out.

As is the case in most of these types of stories, Blackmore showed up at the emergency room after delivering the child, but had no baby. When questioned, she reportedly told police the child was stillborn and they could find the body in her bedroom closet.

Well, she was honest about one thing…there was a dead baby in her closet, but the autopsy showed the baby girl was not stillborn, she was alive at birth and for a short time thereafter. She’d probably still be breathing were it not for all those pesky stab wounds…

Though it was a relative that escorted Blackmore to the emergency room, it is unclear whether the family knew of Blackmore’s pregnancy.

Blackmore is currently behind bars on a $500,000 bond. In North Carolina, suspects 16 and older are charged as adults regardless of the crime.

And just in case you were wondering, North Carolina does have a Safe Haven Law.…

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Glendale, CA — John Levin, 46, was found guilty of second-degree murder Wednesday in the stabbing death of his wife. Before a verdict could be returned in the microwave murder of his dog, he entered a guilty plea to animal cruelty.

His wife, Michelle Levin, 35, was found in September 2008 three days after the murder. During court testimony, an officer said that he and a colleague went to Levin’s home Sept. 11 and found it littered with dog excrement, rotting food and numerous pills scattered on a table. They eventually gained entry to a locked second-floor bedroom, where they found Michelle Levin’s body on the floor next to the bed. The couple’s dead Pomeranian had also been stuffed inside the microwave, he said.

An autopsy of the dog revealed that it died as a result of the microwave radiation to its entire body, Deputy Dist. Atty. Jodi Taksar said.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers arrested Levin in Washington State about a week later as Levin tried to cross into Canada.…

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