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Douglasville, GA — You guys remember the story we posted last month about that 15-year-old who used a samurai sword to kill his great-grandmother? Well he was in court the other day where more details were released, including the fact that the fight started when she would not let him get on the computer.

For those of you too lazy to click the above link, Gevin Prince lost his shit during an argument with Mary Gibbs, his 77-year-old great-grandmother, and stabbed her to death with a kitchen knife and a samurai sword.

When police arrived at the home the teen shared with his grandmother and great-grandmother, they found Prince standing outside with Gibbs laying dead on the lawn. He was wielding the sword in one hand and using a BB gun in the other to shoot at the cops, pausing only to take care of some unfinished business with his great-grandmother.

“Eventually he took the sword and walked over to the great-grandmother, who was already deceased in the front yard, took the sword and said something I couldn’t hear, and raised the sword above his head and thrust into her chest area,” said Lt.…

PALOS PARK, Ill.—  Police have arrested a 17-year-old and charged him with the gruesome beating death of his parents.

I’ve been keeping an eye on the murders of 44-year-old John Granat and his 42-year-old wife Maria, as police were informing neighbors that they weren’t in any danger while also mentioning the couple had a teen son. I figured it was only a matter of time before he was charged.

Police received a call from 17-year-old John Granat on Sunday morning, informing them that when he woke up that morning he found the house in disarray and his parents dead.

When police arrived they would find the couple dead in their blood-splattered bedroom. Cook County medical examiner’s office determined that John Granat suffered blunt force trauma to his head and was beaten so severely that his kidney was lacerated. Maria Granat suffered blunt force injuries as well, but unlike her husband, she was stabbed repeatedly.

I would suspect the fact that there was no evidence of forced entry combined with Granat’s multiple, inconsistent stories of what he was doing on the night his parents were beat to death, had police zeroing in on the teen from the onset.…

San Diego, CA – Police have arrested a man they say stabbed a younger man in the chest for refusing to have sex with him.

Two men, ages 57 and 28, were in the back of a pickup truck equipped with a camper shell Sunday night.

The older gentlemen demonstrated how frustrated he was regarding the younger man’s refusal to have sex with him by stabbing the younger man in the chest with a knife.

The victim was able to get out of the truck and was found a couple blocks away. He was taken to the hospital to treat his non-life-threatening chest wound.

Police went back to the truck and found the accused sitting inside naked and armed with a knife. After he attempted to stab a police dog, the man barricaded himself inside the truck and began touching himself in front of officers.

“He had a knife in his hand. He also apparently had a chest wound somewhere in the chest or upper abdominal area and he was threatening to hurt himself and was also demanding that officers kill him,” Lt.…

Columbus, OH — Police have arrested a a teen after he allegedly used a knife to slit the throat of another student during a school assembly.

The incident happened Thursday morning during a Freshman assembly at West High School. It is during this assembly witnesses say Marco Solis pulled a knife out of his pocket and cut the throat of 14-year-old Tyquan Green-Tucker who was sitting in front of him.

The victim was able to walk out of the assembly and towards the nurse’s office. The nurse deemed his injury as a critical one and paramedics were called, along with the Columbus police.

Tucker was rushed to rushed to Nationwide Children’s Hospital where he immediately underwent surgery. He is still there today, listed in fair condition.

Solis was caught and charged with one count of felonious assault and one count of possession of a dangerous weapon. No word on what prompted the attack, but Solis’ mother hinted that her son was being bullied.

“He said, ‘Mom, if I go there, they’re going to beat me up and they’re going to do stuff to me, so please don’t take me there.’,” she told reporters.…

Homewood, Ill — The man accused of stabbing his 3-year-old son to death after raping the boy’s mother and tossing her out a window has been ordered held without bond.

Police say that last Friday, 27-year-old Gregory Sandifer raped his girlfriend, 25-year-old Margaret Jefferson, at knifepoint. Afterwards, he stabbed her multiples times in the chest, neck and arms. Sandifer then began beating her, then hit her with her a television before pushing her out a second-floor window.

Still alive, Jefferson began screaming for help.

“There wasn’t any part of her body that wasn’t covered with blood. She was practically naked,” neighbor Kathy Perez told the Tribune. “She kept asking (police) to go get (her) baby. ‘He’s gonna kill my baby.'”

Still inside the apartment, Sandifer allegedly grabbed a carving knife and murdered his 3-year-old son, Jaivon Sandifer, by stabbing him 10 times in the torso, neck and arms as he lay in his bed. One of these wounds was a 14-centimeter stab wound on the back of the boy’s neck.

Witnesses then watched as Sandifer jumped from the second floor porch and landed in the yard of the house next door.…

LAS VEGAS , NV – Police say 19-year-old Javier Righetti admitted to stalking 15-year-old Alyssa Otremba, raping her, then stabbing her over 40 times before setting her body on fire.

Otremba was last heard from on Friday evening while walking home from a friend’s house. She texted her mother, informing her she would be home in 30 minutes and that her phone was dying. When she did not return home, Otremba’s mother began searching the neighborhood for her before calling police.

The next day, Otremba’s charred body was found in a desert area near her home. Autopsy reports show she was stabbed more than 40 times in the face, neck, chest, stomach and thighs.

On Monday, police would get a call from 18-year-old Elizabeth Morales who told them she had some information regarding Otremba’s murder. She told police that on Friday night her boyfriend, 19-year-old Daniel Ortiz, received several phone calls from a very upset Righetti.

“Ortiz told Morales that Righetti wanted Ortiz to come help him,” police wrote in their report.…

LONGMONT, Colo. – A 15-year-old is currently spending some time in a juvenile detention facility after police say he stabbed his dad during an argument over the teen’s chores.

Police say that the teen’s father was angry over the boy not taking out the trash (yakety yak) and responded by taking away the teen’s cell phone (don’t talk back). The teen responded by retrieving an ax and using it to hack into his parent’s bedroom door.

The boy’s father was able to get him in a bear hug, but that did not prevent his son from using a knife to stab him six times in the back. The boy’s mother was eventually able to disarm him while the dad was taken to the hospital and treated for minor wounds.

The 15-year-old, who already has a criminal history, faces charges of felony menacing, first degree assault, reckless endangerment and criminal mischief.

One of my kids is the same age as this boy, but had he done what this kid did, the headline would have read something like “Man’s Shoe Removed From Son’s Ass” or “Teen Missing.”

Sorry for the lame picture.…

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Police have arrested three men in connection to the brutal murder of a family found dead in their home on Tuesday.

Police were called to the home after concerned relatives asked them to check on their welfare. Once inside, police would find someone had murdered Lorenzo Graves, his wife Cheryl, and their 4-year-old daughter Ozzie.

Graves’ sister says he and his wife were found shot to death downstairs, while Ozzie was found dead upstairs on the side of her parent’s bed where it seems she had been hiding. She had been stabbed to death.

Chief Rodney Monroe said robbery was the motive. He called the crime barbaric. “(It’s) very hard,” Monroe said. “(It’s) senseless. There’s nothing that that 4-year-old child could’ve done (or) said to harm any of those individuals.”

Later that day, police would have 25-year-old Joseph Amous and 27-year-old Lorenzo White in their custody. Detectives honed in on Amous after learning he had been charged with breaking into the family’s apartment in June. Charges against Amous were dismissed the next month when Graves refused to give police a written statement.…

Murder Trial Delayed For Alyssa Bustamante

August 25, 2011 at 9:00 am by  

ST. MARTINS, Missouri – One trial I am looking forward to is the trial of Alyssa Bustamante, the teen accused of killing her neighbor, 9-year-old Elizabeth Olten. I had hoped it would start as scheduled, but now it looks like it won’t start until the beginning of next year.

Olten vanished while walking home from a friend’s house back in 2009. The day after she disappeared, the older sister of the friend Olten was visiting, a then 15-year-old Bustamante, led police to Olten’s dead body.

The mentally disturbed teen, with a history of cutting and a suicide attempt at 13, admitted to police that she killed the girl. After strangling, stabbing and cutting the girl’s throat, she buried her in a grave behind her house that she had dug a week prior. She told police she killed the girl because she wanted to know what it felt like.

Her attorney wanted her tried as a juvenile and kept in a juvenile facility where she would receive better treatment and increase her chances of rehabilitation.…

BUNKER HILL, Ind. — Police have charged a man with murder after they say he stabbed a 76-year-old Boy Scout leader in the neck during a hiking trip in Indiana.

Arthur L. Anderson was on a 5-mile hike with another adult and two scouts, ages 11 and 12, when they stopped to identify a tree on the Nickel Plate Trail in Bunker Hill.

That’s when police say 22-year-old Shane Golitko walked up behind Anderson and stabbed him the neck before fleeing the scene. Despite the attempts of responding medics and a nearby neighbor to save his life, Anderson died at the scene.

A minute before police received the 911 call regarding Anderson, they got a 911 call from Golitko’s mother. She told police that her son had just beaten her up and was headed towards Nickel Plate Trail.

After stabbing Anderson, Golitko returned home to trash his mother’s house and stab the family’s boxer and a pit bull, killing the boxer. Golitko then drove off and was later arrested after leading police on an 8-mile chase.…

Naperville, IL - Alexander Georg, 27, was jailed on $1.5 million bond after – according to prosecutors – he attacked his mother so severely with a butcher knife that the handle broke off.  The attack was reportedly his answer to her offer to make him a sandwich.

Georg is reported to live with his 52-year-old mother in an apartment on Naperville’s northeast side.  Published reports said Georg’s mother had brought him home earlier in the day from a ‘mental and emotional health care facility’ where he had undergone treatment for nearly two weeks.

Police say that, after he arrived home, his mother offered to make him a sandwich, and he ‘grabbed the knife, chased her out to the driveway and pinned her down and stabbed her repeatedly.’

Neighbors described the woman’s screams as “bone-chilling,” prompting them to call the police.  When police arrived, Georg’s mother was said to be standing across the street covered in blood.  Georg was standing in the driveway of the residence and was arrested without resisting.…

BARRIE, Ontario — Three teens have been charged with murder following the stabbing death of a man at an indoor,  glow-in-the-dark minigolf course.

Bradley Hubbard, 42, his girlfriend and two young daughters decided to go to Putting Edge (heh) after eating dinner Saturday night.

While there, Hubbard’s daughters, ages 7 and 4, informed him they were scared of some drunk teenagers acting like assholes and breaking things.

Hubbard confronted the teens and asked them to stop, but things went downhill from there, ending when one of the teens allegedly stabbed the father of seven in the neck with a broken putter.

Paramedics arrived and tried to save his life, but Hubbard would be pronounced dead at the hospital.

“At least he died in his wife’s arms,” said Hubbards’ father-in-law. “He got to tell her that he loved her before he passed away.”

Police have arrested Justin Spring, 18, Jake Workman, 18, and Matthew Spring, 19, and have charged them with second-degree murder.…

Memphis, TN – Eduardo Marmolejo, the 17-year-old student accused of stabbing his teacher to death, has been ordered to undergo a mental evaluation.

On Wednesday, 49-year-old Suzette York was found stabbed to death in a classroom at Memphis Junior Academy, a Seventh-day Adventist school of less than 100 students.

Shortly after, police had Marmolejo in custody and charged with York’s murder. He told police that he did not like York and had planned on killing her since May, ever since he found out he would be the only 11th-grade student at the school.

York had lobbied the school should expand past their current kindergarten through 10th-grades; saying it was important to keep students in a Christian setting. The school board agreed and voted last spring to extend classes through the 11th grade.

Marmolejo was the first and only student to begin his junior year there and he was not happy about it at all. One of his teachers said Marmolejo was left behind because several of his classmates had transferred to another school to finish their junior and senior years.…

Memphis, TN – Not a lot of details on this as it is breaking, but police say they have a 17-year-old student in custody at the Memphis Junior Academy where the Principal was found stabbed to death in a classroom.

The body of 48-year-old Suzette York was discovered by a teacher shortly after 11 a.m. Wednesday at the private school operated by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. York had been with the school for more than three years.

The 17-year-old student was taken into custody at the scene. No motive is known at this time. The school will be out for the rest of the week.

Not a great start for a school whose classes just started on Monday.

Las Vegas, NV – A teenager in jail for smothering his young cousin to death has now been accused of stabbing his cell mate to death with a pencil.

Carl Guilford, 18, has been in the Clark County Detention Center since May, accused of smothering 6-year-old Christopher Montgomery with a comforter. His cell mate was 39-year-old Francesco Sanfilippo, in jail on 13 counts of possession of child pornography.

The other day, Sanfilippo was found dead inside their cell covered in a white sheet. The floors and walls were smeared with blood and Guilford was sitting on the top bunk with a blank stare. Sanfilippo had been stabbed several times with a pencil.

Guilford would first tell police that Sanfilip came on to him and grabbed his ass, leading to Guilford putting the older man in a choke hold. He says he doesn’t remember what happened after that. He would then change his story and claim that the Devil told him if he did not kill Sanfilippo, then the Devil would make Guilford kill himself.…

Woman Gets Stabby Over Pet’s Medical Bills

July 30, 2011 at 10:48 am by  

North Palm Beach, FL - Robin Warren, 55, has been arrested after reportedly becoming a stabbing machine in response to her husband’s refusal to pay medical bills for her cat.

Police say that the couple was arguing over her cat’s medical treatment last Wednesday.  At some point in the discussion – a particularly bad point, let’s say… Warren reportedly ‘lunged’ at her husband with scissors.  Her husband got the scissors away from her, but Warren then grabbed a wooden coat hanger and struck him in the face, police said.

Apparently seeing where all of this was going, the unidentified husband then tried to leave the home.  In response, Warren grabbed two kitchen knives and began to cut him on his hands and arms.

Officer’s arrived and gained control of the situation.  Warren’s husband refused medical attention – apparently realizing that his willingness to pay for his own treatment would unleash a renewed torrent from hell.  He left the residence, police said.

Warren was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail. She was reportedly charged with aggravated battery and false imprisonment.  …

SALT LAKE CITY, UT — On June 2, a guest at the Capitol Motel went to the manager and complained about an awful smell in her room. Employees searched for the source of the smell and found it was emanating from the corpse of 26-year-old Jessica Irene Jensen.

She had been stabbed to death and stuffed under the mattress five days earlier.

After police found that Thomas Kumalac, 28, had previously rented the room and had checked out a few days earlier, they released his name to the media as a person they would like to talk to.

On June 2, after seeing Kumalac’s name on the news, the estranged husband of Kumalac’s new girlfriend handed police some very interesting Facebook messages. The messages detailed both her and Kumalac’s involvement in Jensen’s murder.

Acting on a tip that same night, detectives stopped a bus and apprehended Kumalac and his girlfriend. Kumulac would admit to murdering Jensen in the hotel room and hiding her body between the wooden frame and the mattress.…

Valley Falls, KS — The happy lookin’ fella to the left is 25-year-old Brandon Smelser – he was taken into custody over the weekend for allegedly getting all stabby when a friend showed up at a party with the wrong beer.

Police say Smelser and 22-year-old Chris Daniel got into a fight in the parking lot of a mobile home park early Saturday morning after Daniel had the nerve to show up with an undisclosed amount of Natural Light beer instead of Smelser’s desired brand. That’s when Smelser reportedly got all stab happy.

Daniel was transported to the hospital, where he underwent surgery for injuries considered to be life-threatening. He remains hospitalized.

Smelser was promptly booked on charges of first-degree attempted murder. A bond amount has not been made available.

Natty Light? Totally justifiable……

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