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CHESTER COUNTY, SC —  Police have charged a teen girl after she was caught on video assaulting another player during a girl’s high school soccer match.

The attack happened Monday afternoon during a soccer game between Chester High School and Lewisville High School. It was also captured on video by a CN2 News crew.

In the video, 18-year-old Annette McCullough, a player for Lewisville, is passed the ball and ends up tripping and falling to the ground. When she stands up, she immediately begins beating the snot out of an opposing player.

The video shows McCullough dragging the victim to the ground by her hair, then punching her in the head and face at least 11 times. The attack lasts around ten seconds and didn’t stop until a woman comes over and separates the two girls. A referee can then be seen escorting McCullough off the field.

The victim didn’t suffer any apparent major injuries, just some knots to her head. Her mother told reporters that she still has to undergo some medical tests to insure none of her daughter’s brains got scrambled in the melee.…

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Houston, TX — A former soccer coach accused of sexually abusing one of his players was found dead in his car the other day. Authorities found the body of 38-year-old Ian Crowe in his vehicle where he had committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning. Crowe had been accused of multiple sexual assaults against a 15-year-old girl he was supposed to be privately coaching. I guess her parents should have been more specific about what he was to teach her as it turns out that out of all their meetings, only one was about soccer. The rest were about kissing, groping and oral sex. The wife found out somehow and contacted the girl’s family, letting them know what her husband had been up to. Police were contacted and the victim would admit that she’d met Crowe 10 to 20 times and had sexual encounters in the back seat of his Suburban. She told investigators that their relationship “started with kissing and touching and eventually led to several sexual acts” adding Crowe grew more aggressive with each encounter.…

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Grand Rapids, MI- When some parents of young football players in Michigan could not find any information on the internet about the football background of their sons’ coach, Benjamin Albright, they became suspicious. One parent learned the coach’s true identity and alerted state police when they discovered Benjamin Albright was really Benjamin Walcott, a convicted sex offender with an apparent foot fetish. Officials ran Walcott’s plate and his identity was confirmed. Benjamin Walcott helped run football camps in Ottawa, Allegan and Ionia counties, and at least once on school property in Belding. Walcott is accused of sexually abusing the kids during camp off-hours. It is believed Walcott tricked the boys into using their bare feet to play with toys while he photographed and videotaped them. He is also accused of touching the boys’ feet and made them walk barefoot on his back. Walcott allegedly told one family he was working with Under Armour to obtain scholarship money for their son based upon product testing that required careful measurement of the child’s feet, but the scholarship did not exist.…

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Girls’ Soccer = RAWR!

November 10, 2009 at 9:59 am by  

Providence, Rhode Island – A fight broke out between player’s of a high school girls’ soccer match on Sunday night. During the final moments of Tolman vs. Woonsocket, a game that the Woonsocket Villa Novans had a 5-0 lead, a cat fight broke out between Kristen Cahill and Maria Lopera. There is punches thrown and hair pulling. It’s all very arousing. Then later on, a fight broke out in the stands between the fans. I had no clue that women’s soccer was this exciting. Between this and the ponytail-yanking actions of University of New Mexico‘s Elizabeth Ann Lambert I have come to a conclusion about all of this violence. And that is I know where I am looking for my next ex-girlfriend. …

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Alfredo Moniz Is A Soccer Coach, Chicken Hawk

November 24, 2008 at 10:44 am by  

New Bedford, MA – Alfredo A. Moniz, 46, really likes the young stuff.  His preference seems to run toward 14 and 15-year-old boys.  Moniz is accused of molesting or soliciting at least seven boys, all of them friends of his own children, in episodes that appear to range from 2003 to this year.  Moniz, who owns a landscaping business, also has volunteered as a boys’ soccer coach and referee in the New Bedford area for about a decade. …

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