Boy Fatally Stabbed Himself As His Mother Beat Him With Extension CordWoman Killed After 12-year-old Boy Jumps From Overpass In Suicide AttemptTexas Woman Arrested After Fatally Shooting Her Two DaughtersMan Beat 4-Month-Old Daughter To Death Because She Was CryingWoman Smothered Daughter For Talking Back, Tossed Body In DumpsterTeen Girl Killed Newborn By Shoving Rock Down Baby's ThroatParents Charged After Their Dead Baby Found Rotting In Baby SwingMan Accused Of Severely Beating Toddler Because She Interrupted Video GameMan Murdered Woman Then Ate Her Brains With A Glass Of Her BloodTeen Posted Selfies With Murdered Teacher Before Killing Self With Circular Saw

James DearmanSARASOTA, FL – This will be the last story on DD for 2015, and holy shit is it messed up. Police say 31-year-old James Dearman used his fat ass to smother his 6-year-old son while he played a video game.

According to police, the incident happened on Christmas Eve at the home where Dearmon lived with his two sons, ages 6 and 7, as well as his girlfriend, Ashley Cole.

According to Cole, at around 7:30 that evening, the couple told the two boys to go to bed. When they heard the boys running around their room, Dearman forced both of the boys to stand facing a wall.

When they caught the 6-year-old watching them play a video game, Dearman became angry and made the boy lie on the couch, facing the back cushions. Dearman then sat on the couch, using his 270 lbs of bodyweight to pin the poor kid.

According to the boy’s brother, who witnessed everything, his younger sibling screamed that he had to use the bathroom and could not breathe.…

Nina KoistinenPhoenix, AZ – Police say 36-year-old Nina Koistinen, a mother of nine, admitted she murdered her six day old daughter because she had too many kids.

After her daughter’s death on April 8, Koistinen  initially said that she’d taken some medication and had  fallen asleep on the girl while feeding her.  It wasn’t until an autopsy was performed and revealed possible signs of suffocation, that police decided to dig deeper.

They found that Koistinen had made past statements about wanting to smother some of her children and, after a car accident that seemed intentional, stated she wanted her children to go to Heaven.

After interviewing Koistinen a second time, she admitted she’d smothered the child by pinching her nose and covering her mouth. She said she murdered her daughter because she already had too many children and was jealous of the attention the infant was getting from her husband.

She was subsequently arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder. During her initial court appearance, Koistinen’s husband told the judge that his wife has suffers from bipolar, schizophrenia and depression.…

Chelsea Michelle BoothANNAPOLIS, MD — Police have charged 25-year-old Chelsea Booth with the death of her daughter after finding the 2-year-old’s body in an Annapolis City waste transfer site.

Police spoke with Booth after her neighbors called to report they had not seen Booth’s daughter for days. Booth told the officers that the child was with her father, 28-year-old Antwan Nelson. However, when police spoke with Nelson, he told them that he’d not seen his daughter in several months.

After Booth and Nelson were brought in for police questioning, Booth told police that a “Muslim curse” had been placed on her daughter by the child’s father and that her daughter was possessed by an evil spirit. She said she had no choice but to murder the little girl by laying on top of her and smothering her until she stopped breathing.

Afterwards, Booth admitted she wrapped her daughter in a blanket and then tossed her into a dumpster at her apartment complex. Investigators were dispatched to a Waste Management Inc. center where they searched for the child’s body for hours, finally locating the it inside a rail car that was slated for a landfill in Virginia.…

breasticlesEVERETT, WA — Police have arrested a Washington woman after they say she smothered her boyfriend to death with her breasts.

Last Friday night, 50-year-old Donna Lange and her 51-year-old boyfriend had some friends over to their mobile home to get their drink on. Over the course of the evening, Lange and her boyfriend began arguing.

Both Lange and her boyfriend were around 5 foot 7 inches tall, but Lange outweighed him by about 20-pounds. I have no pictures of Lange, so I’m not sure if the extra weight is from a pair of 10-pound titties, or just overall stature.

Regardless, witnesses in the mobile home said that during one of these arguments, Lange was seen throwing her boyfriend down on the ground and her boyfriend could be heard demanding that Lange get off of him. They later found Lange on top of her unresponsive boyfriend with her breasts covering his face.

After someone called 911, medics arrived and tried reviving Lange’s boyfriend, but he would be pronounced dead at the hospital.…

Gainesville, FL — Marvelle Rucker, 21, was taken into custody Sunday after admitting to police that he tried to smother his girlfriend’s cat because it caused him to fail an online exam.

Rucker’s girlfriend told police the cat was lethargic and unresponsive when she returned home from work Sunday afternoon. Also, in what I would have to assume was an argument over the state of the cat’s health, police say Rucker cornered the girlfriend in the bathroom and yelled at her and repeatedly poked her in the face for about 10 or 15 minutes.

When questioned about the cat, Rucker reportedly laughed as he told the arresting officer he placed a pillow over the critter’s face and punched it. He was trying to kill it, he said, because the damn thing caused him to fail a test.

Rucker admitted to cornering his girlfriend in the bathroom, telling police he wasn’t going to let her out until she listened to what he had to say. He also admitted to poking the woman in the face, but said that because he wasn’t actually beating her, he didn’t think it was a crime.…

Greenlawn, NY – Michael Baldwin II, a New York television personality, came home Thursday to find his babysitter on the couch ‘unresponsive.’ After searching his home for his 1-month-old son, Michael III, the father found the baby – blue and lifeless on the couch underneath the babysitter.

The situation reportedly began with Baldwin being called unexpectedly into work Thursday. Teresa Coffey, 39, was an acquaintance of his wife and had been asking for an opportunity to watch the infant. Baldwin asked Coffey to babysit.

At about 6PM, Baldwin received a voicemail message from Coffey saying the baby was crying and fussy. He tried to call her back, but there reportedly was no answer. Baldwin went to the home and found Coffey on the couch. Assuming she was asleep, he looked for his son but could not find him.

“I searched every room,” Baldwin said. “I was saying his name, ‘Michael! Michael!'”

Returning to the living room, he said he “just had this funny feeling she was on top of him.”

“I lifted her and he was underneath,” Baldwin said.…

Gainesville, FL — Police arrested 21-year-old Tiffany Long late Tuesday after she was reportedly caught smothering a baby in her care.

The child’s mother told police she returned home from work early that evening and walked into her 10-month-old daughter’s room to find the babysitter standing over the crib holding a pillow over the child’s face. The child’s legs were flailing, the woman told police. When the woman confronted the alleged baby-shutter-upper, Long reportedly told her that it had never happened before, and asked that the woman not call police. Amazingly enough, Long was able to leave the home with her face still intact.

When police caught up with her later that evening, Long said the child had been crying uncontrollably and that she was playing peek-a-boo with the pillow to quiet her. She said she was just about to tickle the baby with the pillow by holding it over her face when mom walked in. Long then demonstrated for police how she held the pillow over the baby’s face.

She was promptly booked on charges of aggravated child abuse and ordered held on a $35,000 bond.…

Fort Worth, TX — On Friday, a Texas jury deliberated for three hours before sentencing 18-year-old Shantaniqua Nykole Scott to 25 years in prison for attempting to smother her 4-month-old son in a hospital.

The day before it only took the jury 30 minutes to convict Scott on charges of injury to a child causing serious bodily injury, mainly because Scott’s attempt to smother her son, Rhaidyn, where captured on video. The infant was in the hospital after suffering recurring, gastroesophageal reflux that caused him to stop breathing. He was placed in a video monitored room after a doctor suspected he was a victim of child abuse. Turns out it was a good hunch.

In the video, some of which you can see in the news report below, Scott is seen placing a blanket over Rhaidyn’s face for more than 20 seconds. When a nurse comes into the room, Scott has walked away and pretends to be using her cell phone. When she is alone with her son again, Scott takes her hand and puts it over Rhaidyn’s nose and mouth for a minute and 14 seconds.…

Crime Screen Review: Deadly Weapons (1974)

March 4, 2011 at 10:27 am by  

I am a serious devotee of what is sometimes called Psychotronic Cinema. I am on a constant search for weird, obscure movies the likes of which most people can never conceive existing in the first place, and the weirder and more obscure they are, the more I like them. Mexican masked wresters being superheroes and fighting aliens? You better believe it. Ultra-gory kung fu? Yes please. Nazi sex crime extravaganzas? I’ll take two. Today I’ll be looking at a very special piece of mid-1970s sexploitation flick with a crime-themed plot. Well, there’s a Mob element, but it’s largely obscured by the oversized jiggling fun-bags that are the true stars of the film.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Meet Crystal (“Chesty” Morgan). Now meet Crystal’s colossal rack (her measurements are 73FF-32-36). Now meet Crystal’s boyfriend, Larry. Crystal would really love for Larry to make her his wife, instead of just his girlfriend, but he keeps delaying. It’s soon a moot point as he’s rubbed out by the Mafia.

Crystal is heartbroken, tears spilling down rosy cheeks on to oversized pleasure-zeppelins.…

Novi, MI — Police were called to the home Mark Schons shares with his wife and two children Friday afternoon after the boys, Camden, 4, and Tynan, 6, failed to show up for school, and his wife Jennifer, 38, missed an appointment with friends.

When officers arrived, Jennifer and the boys were found dead in separate rooms of the home. Jennifer had apparently been stabbed to death, and Camden and Tynan died of asphyxiation due to compression — Camden with smothering as a secondary cause of death. Hours later, 39-year-old Mark was found dead inside his vehicle in a WalMart parking lot a few miles from his home – police say the cause of death was carbon monoxide poisoning.

“He apparently purchased the grill somewhere, placed it on the passenger seat next to him, and just went to sleep,” Novi Police Chief David Molloy said. “It (grill) was still warm when his body was found.” Molloy also said a knife found inside the vehicle is believed to be the weapon used to kill Jennifer Schons, and is still undergoing testing.

Springfield, MO – Police and paramedics were called to Tatianna Light’s home Tuesday afternoon after receiving a 911 call in which she reported her 2-month-old son, Kaiden, was not breathing. Tatianna told officers she had placed the baby on his back on her bed and went to do laundry. When she returned about ten minutes later, Kaiden had rolled onto his stomach and had blood in his nose, so she called 911. EMT’s were unable to resuscitate the baby and he was pronounced dead at the hospital. Tatianna was questioned again. This time, her story was a little different. She told officers she undressed the child, cleaned him, and tried to perform CPR for about 30-45 minutes. And after calling a family member for advice, she finally got around to calling 911. Those slight discrepancies led to further questioning down at the station, where Tatianna eventually admitted to smothering the infant with pillows. She told police she held the pillows over Kaiden’s face for about an hour. Within that time span, she lifted the pillow and discovered Kaiden was still breathing, so she continued to hold the pillows over his face until he stopped.…

Fort Worth, TX – According to authorities, teenage incubator Shantaniqua Scott wanted to “make her life easier,” so she attempted to suffocate her special needs infant. Not once, but four separate times. The child, who somehow managed to survive under Scott’s care for an entire four months, was transferred from a Waco hospital to Cook Children’s Medical Center earlier this month for treatment of recurring, life-threatening gastroesophageal reflux and apnea. The baby boy had been staying in a video-monitored room when a code alarm sounded Friday morning, indicating that the boy’s vital signs were failing. Medical personnel were able to successfully revive the unresponsive child and he was then transferred to pediatric intensive care. When hospital staffers had a look at the surveillance video, they saw 17-year-old Scott pressing a blanket on the infant’s face before placing her hand directly over his mouth and nose. During questioning, Scott told investigators she didn’t want the kid anymore – wanted to go back to living a carefree life without the burden of a sick child.…

RB: Scott Hahn Fails At Being Inconspicuous

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Dakota Valkyrie has posted an article in the forums about Scott Hahn – a 39-year-old man accused of smothering his estranged wife, Kimberly Kane, at the Holiday House hotel back on May 14th. After the alleged smothering, Hahn reportedly wrapped the woman’s body in a blanket, bound it with cable and attempted to remove it from the hotel grounds on a luggage cart. Though he told bystanders the blanket wrapped object on the cart was garbage, a security guard grew suspicious after seeing a couple of feet sticking out. Source: Herald Tribune

Midland County, TX- On Monday, Midland County deputies were alerted by CPS after a woman showed up at their office with a cell phone video of her roommate, 29-year old Kristi Michelle Kaulaity. The woman, a 33-year old female, told deputies Kaulaity was intoxicated around 2:30 a.m. last Friday and became impatient with her 1-year old son. The woman said she started video taping Kaulaity with her cell phone because she was concerned for the child. The video showed Kaulaity pushing her son away from her several times before she put him on the couch, grabbed a pillow and covered his face with it while he cried. The woman said when she saw the child’s body go limp and his lips turn blue, she begged Kaulaity to allow her to take the child to the hospital. Kaulaity allegedly replied that if her son went to bed with her (Kaulaity), he would wake up dead. The woman told officers that was when she took the boy from Kaulity and kept him in bed with her throughout the night.…

Lakeshia Crawford Lacks Coping Skills

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South Bay, FL – Demonites, meet 15-year-old Lakeshia Crawford. Precious, isn’t she? Lakeshia found her way to the pages of the Dreamin’ Demon because she tried to smother her 6-month-old baby boy before attempting to throw him in a dumpster. Lovely. It is alleged that on New Year’s Eve, as the baby boy lay crying on a couch, Lakeshia lost her shit. She screamed at the child to stop. When he didn’t, she picked him up and pressed his little face into her chest, saying that she was going to kill him. She then took the diaper-clad child outside and tried to toss him in a dumpster. Her plans were derailed by her mother’s boyfriend, 31-year-old Torderick Curry. Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue workers were called out to treat the child, but the extent of his injuries, if any, hasn’t been reported. She has been booked on charges of aggravated child abuse and sits behind bars without bail. The FDCF is now investigating.…

Posen, IL– Like many of the stories we see here on the DD, this story has its share of WTF’s. After only a few hours of rest and having sore muscles from moving shit that’s not mine, I’m feeling kind of lazy this morning, so I’ll keep it short and just allow you all to insert the WTF’s where needed. The grandfather of 22-month old Yvette Palacios said his son was always suspicious of the babysitter, Natalia Pineda, and her boyfriend, Juan Melendez-Reynoso, and that his son argued with Yvette’s mom about it, but the mom was the boss. On at least one occasion, Pineda refused to open the door the toddler’s family while the girl was in her care.…

Stephanie Collins Didn’t Want An Abortion

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Stephanie Collins at

Fountain, FL – Stephanie Collins is 26; she and her 9-year-old son live with her parents. She found out earlier this year that she was pregnant and was unenthused at the notion of having another child. However, she’d had an abortion before and didn’t care to repeat the experience. So Stephanie came up with a plan. And this past weekend, Stephanie’s mother went out behind the house to take out the trash. When she opened the garbage can, she found the dead body of the grandbaby she didn’t even know she had.…

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